New Look Vintage Kitchen ... Done!

Well a couple of posts ago, I showed you how I had re-arranged my kitchen and painted all the shelves...well what I didn't show you was how we have covered the kitchen cupboard doors in white sticky backed plastic! {I bought this from Wilkinsons...but it is available on ebay ;)}
...and what a see I am trying to do this on a very tight budget...what with heating bills and the cost of living totally gone through the roof, I wanted a new look without a major expense...the sticky backed plastic was £5.00 a roll and I bought 3 rolls...
...and the cost of the white paint was totally free, as I have become a member of FREECYCLE in my area.  I asked for some white paint in the summer...and to my surprise a lovely lady in the next town offered me a large tin of exterior matt...well since then I have painted quite a few surfaces with it...including my kitchen shelves.

All the rest of the kitchen is a snippet of our vintage French enamel and shabby cottage collectables...apart from the washing up bowl...we had to have a new red one, which cost £2.00, I think that was from Wilkinsons.

So the total cost of this happy kitchen make-over was £17.00...what a bargain!...see it just shows you what you can do, when you put your mind to it...or should I say! when you get your mojo back! lol!

PS...we have a new fridge...hence it looks a bit bare at the moment..the other one died on us :(