Rosie's Trauma

Well gals I have finally managed to put pen to paper...I have been putting off this post, as I have not wanted to live through all the pain and hurt that we have been through over the last couple of weeks, but I feel that I owe it to you lovely ladies and besides I need a good ole natter ;)

First of all though, may I say a big thankyou to all those people that prayed for my Rosie whilst she was waiting for her operation, your comments put smiles on our faces for every one that we read...

Also thankyou so much to the peeps that emailed me personally, even though I wasn't around much on my computer...your encouragement helped us through it all, so again thankyou.

Well Rosie must of fell into a Diabetic coma during the early hours of Friday 23rd September, when Freddy and I tried to wake her for college, there was no response...we called an ambulance and they quickly got to work administering glucose gel to get her blood back upto a healthy reading...all this time she had been deliriously complaining that her arm was hurting...she couldn't move it and it did look rather odd and twisted.  The Ambulance team felt her arm and shoulder and thought that it was all ok, but asked if she wanted to go into hospital with them, Rosie declined as she was still a little woozy.

After they had left I tried to help Rosie up, but she screamed out that the pain was too bad!...and then said that she did want to go to the hospital as the pain that she had was just not right...Freddy and I both agreed...seeing her in so much paid was awful.
We arrived at the Hospital at 9.30 am and after a lot of waiting were finally seen at 12 midday, despite the hospital prioritising! Rosie's pain was increasing whilst the doctors were deciding what she had done to her shoulder...after 1 Xray, 1 CT scan and a visit to the Observation ward, Rosie was finally admitted to a trauma ward  at 6.30 teatime.

Apparently whilst Rosie was in her diabetic coma, she had a seizure, in which case she must have convulsed and bashed her shoulder quite badly! well very badly infact!  At first the doctors thought that they would be able to manipulate the shoulder back into place, but after looking at the CT scan they realised that she had completely dislocated her shoulder and fractured the ball completely.
Rosie also suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, in other words she has a collagen deficiency, this afftects her skin and bones, she is double jointed and has very soft fragile skin, so as you can imagine teamed with diabetes...this was our worst fear!
We were told throughout the day that something would be done to fix her shoulder that day, but by the time Rosie was admitted to the ward...! Yep you've guessed it! She was too late to be added to the list for surgery!...and we were told that the doctors would come and see us on Saturday morning!...well anyway to cut a long story short and after alot of promises to my lovely Rosie...The Arm Specialist needed to operate on her shoulder and he was off for the weekend until Tuesday! so her operation was scheduled for Tuesday teatime!

We all cried...surely they were not going to let her wait another 4 days in this much pain!...Rosie was in so much agony, it was killing us seeing her like this! she couldn't get comfortable...her back was aching lying in one position, it was all so uncomfortable for her, it was like a living hell for her...for all of us!  she was constantly crying in pain and as time wore on, it was getting worse and worse...they had to quadruple her morphine dose, which she had every 2 hours, she was also on 2, 12 hour morphine tablets, and 2 500mg of paracetamol every 4 hours...and still she felt uncomfortable and in pain!
I felt so out of control...I wanted to have the pain for her...I prayed and prayed that the pain would go away, so that she could get some rest....I was with her through the nights, and freddy would sit with her through the day...I took on the roll of nurse when I was with Rosie, I would do everything for her, but seeing her suffer so much...It makes me so angry, an animal would have been treated better!
I have read up on shoulder dislocation, and it states that if it is fractured as well, the shoulder should be operated on as soon as possible, just in case it causes nerve damage to the tendons! and coupled with the fact that Rosie has other problems...I think they are seriously in the wrong to of made her wait so long for surgery!

I might write to my MP...I feel so strongly, that what! Arm Specialist cannot be called from leave to fix someones shoulder!...and what! there only one arm specialist in Kent! So if he suddenly passed else that injured their arm would get treated!

Na! the more we think about it, the more angry we get...Rosie has been in pain many times in her little 18 years on this planet...everytime she has fallen over as a child, rather than grazing her knees, she would tare like a rubber ball, and need to be taken to hospital to be stitched up! Medway Martime Hospital has always done her proud....but not this time!
Well we are home now and have been for 11 days, it was lovely to get home, as in Hospital it did rather feel like we were in a mental institution, as you can imagine there are lots of elderly patients in the Trauma ward! and to their advantage many of them couldn't hear very well...but there was one particular patient who kept repeating over and over, in a very loud and squeaky voice...


OMG! Imagine over and over...luckily the nurses were able to knock her out (not literally! lol) in the night time and we were able to get some peace...occasionally she would start up and the nurses would scurry around and then she would go off again.

Then there was this other Patient, she was put in the room next door to Rosie...She was completely off her rocker! she would throw the furniture about, she pulled all the electrics out of the wall...she turned the taps on and flooded the room! and when one of our favourite nurses went in to help her, she was bitten and scratched!

...but now all the mental hospitals have been closed, where else is there for patients like these...?
The NHS is in total shambles...we saw it all with our own eyes...staying with Rosie 24/7...I would never of left her and a good job too! as if we hadn't of been there for her to get her pain relief on time and other things, she would have been left for hours...there is just not enough nurses for each ward...they do a great job but can't be in 27 places at once...yep Rosie was on a 27'er ward an there was only 1 sister 2 nurses and 2 helpers in the evening...! Ridiculous!
We now have our wonderful, happy and smiley daughter back, she is starting to laugh again and tell jokes...her shoulder has been fixed! she has had an aluminium plate bolted to the ball and socket to keep the shoulder in place...she has been told it is fixed and to start using it again...but after being in that much pain, she has been frightened to use it just in case it breaks again...which is understandable.

Sorry to of rambled on for so long...but i just needed to get it all out! if you know what I mean!...we are on the road to recovery now, Rosie has a list of exercises to do and soon she will be starting Physiotherapy to get her arm and shoulder stronger...

A lot of you lovely peeps have asked if you can send something to Rosie to cheer her up...Thankyou all, that is such a lovely gesture, if you would like to do this, please email me HERE and I will send you our details.

Thankyou all once again for helping us through this very stressful time...I must say, my grey roots grew about 10 inches over the last few weeks....but as my ole Nanny Hilda would say....Onwards and Upwards ;)