Hey Gals, do check out this wonderful new blog on the block...her name is Maisey and I have just designed her blog for her.....PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!! LOL! MAISEY'S ATTIC IS ONLY OPEN TO INVITED READERS ONLY
Please see update!!!
....At the time of writing this post all was hunkydory! and she was open to all!...But now the doors are closed... so you'll just have to have a look at the perty pictuuuuure above lol!
I'll add a few more perty pictuuuuuuuures to make up for it :)

I have been adding new graphics to my collection all over the weekend and my son has given me his 1 terrabyte portable hard drive...well I say give! some money was involved there somewhere....!! not sure whether I was conned or not LOL!....but seriously I don't know why I havn't gotten one before!  you know me and saving has gotten REAL bad! I have disk back up, memory stick back up and now this new baby! but ill get organised soon! lol! put that on my grave stone....

Oh the things I could put on my grave stone....I laugh to myself just thinking about it sometimes....Gosh! How I got here I don't know!...but you have to laugh about these things eh!


Thats another thing I am always saying hehehe!

Oh gosh sorry...Now I am making myself laugh here and you probably haven't got a clue what I am going on about!...hopefully you are on my wavelength and are following me with this and cracking up!...If not sorry! Eek! time to go and get the kids from school!!! whoops no! NO school this week! How do I know that?...well apart from the fact that Rosie is not at college this week!...the boy next door, sounds like he has been throwing himself up the wall for the last 3 hours! Hmmm! lets hope he has a crash helmet on!!..probably had too many E numbers!...Don't worry gals I have been all through that myself...I had one of those children! know the one where the mothers judge you at playgroup! because your child is the only one biting kids and trampolining on the tables, all set out for orange juice and rich teas!....Oh yes I know the feeling well...even though it was about 17 years ago now...the memories do not fade LOL!

I could go on but I do not want to bore you all with any of that milarkie! hehehe!

Update!!! Maisey didnt realise she had it on 'invited readers only' she is now back in business...Phew! what a fiasco!!! :)...want to view? Click here....

Speak soon gals...