Great Tips To Help Your Next Home Makeover

Have you ever come home from work one evening and looked around your abode, only to feel that there is something decidedly missing in terms of style or appearance? We've all been there, and the resulting, all-consuming, wish to redecorate can be rather invigorating an experience as all manner of dreams, ideas and wants fly around your head. Sometimes though coming up with ideas can be rather difficult, so if you're wanting to redecorate your home, but aren't particularly sure on which direction to take, here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing!
Bargain Hunting
One of the best, and indeed cheapest, ways of outfitting your home in a more pleasing manner is the usage of second hand furniture. Although large charity shops and second hand stores will indeed have a rather large number of rather choice items, however there are often some amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that you can take home. Also, you can always sand, re-varnish and re-upholster any tired looking furnishings, making them look brand new!
Day Beds
 If your spare room is in need of a makeover, there's no better piece of furniture to get than a sumptuous day bed, which can hugely improve the amount of floor space in a room, and many have pull-out sections hidden beneath the main bed section, ready for when you have guests come to stay. A tip here is to get bedroom furniture from the internet at sites such as Bedstar; they're often far, far cheaper here than in showrooms, plus you can get them delivered.
High-Gloss White Paint
Dark paints can make a room look dingy, so if you want to make your chosen room more breezy and larger-looking, high-gloss white paint is the covering you should prescribe to. Light will bounce around your room and you'll likely feel a lot happier as a result!
 Roman Shades
  Far better than boring old curtains, shutter shades or Venetian blinds, Roman shades are understated, effective and very stylish right now. The best aspect of Roman blinds is that, due to being crafted out of fabric, you can pick and choose from all manner of amazing, colourful and patterned designs, making these a great choice for any room in the home.
  Often, if a room is grinding on you or if you're getting a rather awful feeling every time you approach your home after a day out and about, a door is the culprit. Fresh new doors really freshen up a home, and if you combine second-hand purchases with a little elbow grease, you can get some wonderful doors for a lovely price.
Are there any amazing design makeover ideas you want to share with other readers?
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