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Hello gals...

I have taken this opportunity to show some random red and white pictures...

I hope you enjoy them....

But most of all...have a lovely Day...



I love Olympknits you?

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Its totally awesome!


I want Blue Hair

Ok ok so I have bright red hair...but these pictures make me want to have blue hair!

These lassies might be young...but that has never stopped me before...

I think blue hair Rocks! Especially these lighter tones
Perhaps I might have dark blue hair with light blue slices...
or will that look a little 'Rocky Horror show' lol!

Isn't she stunning....the light blue hair, her cool pink lips and flawless skin
...Hmmm! decisions decisions! I still so love my bright red hair you see...but back when I had it done it wasn't that it seems to me that lots of peeps have it, and I sooo love to be different!
all piccies from

I suppose I could always keep my lovely red locks and wear a fake piece
of blue in the fringe haha!

Or keep my red hair, like, forever!...and then hopefully! I shall be the only one with it! because it is sooo last century!...Yay I might do that!...Anyway as I was saying...

I so Love Blue Hair!
What do you think?

Would you go Blue?
Or have you ever been blue?



Happy Easter my lovely people...
 I have bought the outside in...this easter...I have flowers all over the place...although I have had to spray these yellow ones with perfume lol! I must admit they are looking a little worse for ware this morning! EeK!

Ok so I have spread the decorations around a bit...but everything looks so fresh and vibrant...I have also decorated this year with these vintage and very very shabby Japanese lanterns...I have had them for a couple of years now...infact I nearly put them up at Christmas...but they would of looked a little lost in amoungst all that sparkle...

 So I decided to put them up on the ceiling for this Easters decorations and I think they look you like them?
 My little chickadees are everywhere...and looking very cute in and amoungst my BIG UP BLIGHTY collectables.

These flowers above I did spray with perfume...coz they were getting a little whiffy! can you please squint when you are looking at this piccie...and hopefully the flowers might look a little better lol!
 These are the eggs I managed to get...I have filled them with lots of little treats including maltesers and scratch cards...all ready for the Easter Egg hunt later today.
 Its I usually have a stash of chocolate by where I sit in the living room...and last night my son Daz came to sit with us and watch telly, he asked if I had any chocolate and I said no and that I was saving anything I had for the Easter Egg hunt lol!
Anyway...I hope you have enjoyed all my pictures & do have a Happy Day today whatever you decide to do I will try to go to church I think, as I love to keep up with traditions...I might even fit in an afternoon Booty as well...and then I think a lovely Roast Dinner and a Snooze!

Sounds like a good plan!

Speak so my lurvelies


More Pretty Easter Pictures

 Hello are some more springtime and Easter pictures for you... there is a couple here that I havnt edited at they are a little darker than usual...
Some of these piccies are of this years decorations...for instance the two above...I love these little chickies...I found these in the Pound Store...I love that place!...there was roughly 20 in the box and all for £1.00 what a now they are dotted around the house!
This picture was taken a few years back...isn't nature wonderful!
 Perfect colour combinations here!
 ...And do you remember this is a piccie from last years Easter decorations...I made these from a sheet of wrapping paper that was so apt for the job
Pretty flowers, I love to decorate with them...artificial or real it makes no difference to me, as long as they are in the right colours...
Swans...are my thing at the moment...and this one I will be filling with little eggs for tomorrow morning :)

Anyway...I promised you some more Easter here they are!
I have loved reading your comments so far...please keep 'em coming...its like sharing a cuppa with all of you...and I love it :)

Once again...have fun on this Easter Saturday xx


Happy Easter Piccies

Well first of all let me start by saying HAPPY EASTER to you all!
I thought I would start Good Friday off by showcasing some of my past Easter decorations...These particular pictures were taken at my last house...infact this was Easter 2008.
 Freddy made this teacup candleabre and it was featured on the Marie Claire idees website...which we were very chuffed about.
Nobody knew back then that we lived on a rather new Island with lots of new houses around us (most peeps thought we lived in an older house!) was rather lovely though as we had three floors and looked over basin 2, which used to be visited by war ships and tall ships alike...
  it was like being on holiday every day, living there...sigh!
Decorating your house for Easter couldn't be easier...get out those egg cups from your kitchen cupboards and display them around the house next to pretty postcards. Easter cards that you would like to receive yourself and display them in card holders (above)...or you might already have cards that have been sent to this would be a lovely way to display them rather than just plonking them along the mantle or window sill.
 Display your Easter stash of pretties...just like here...these above are artificial flowers...and I seem to of lost them over the years...this year I have gone into the Garden and picked my own...I have that yellow plant in the garden and I have also picked and made arrangements of  my lovely pastel pink Ribes (thanks Sairer for telling me what it was ;) I love ya xx)
 As for all the lovely sweet treats...I cannot display those until Easter Sunday, as they will all be eaten up and won't look all lovely on display!....with just the wrappers for show! Yep! even though my kids are now 18 and 22...they will still be naughty and eat all the treats...and then swear blind it wasn't them that ate them! :) Grrr!
 I love this apple moneybox...not a very obvious Easter decoration, but it is lovely and bright...and that is the main thing...decorating the house with the things that you love and make you happy is the key to a happy life...
Oh I soooo love bunnies and this felt bunny garland will be used again this year...I do remember finding it the other day and putting it somewhere for safe lets hope I can find it again lol!
 Well! as I said...I will be bringing you some more pictures over the weekend of my springtime flowers and decorations for this year...I plan a Easter Egg hunt for Easter Sunday! lol! yep even though my kiddies are grown ups now...I still like to keep up the traditions...when I said the other day about, perhaps they were too old for it...Rosie was horrified! so at the moment I am trying to find little things that fit into those plastic refillable eggs that I seem to of bought! Oh what fun! lol!

Do you decorate your house for Easter?...and if you do...what have you been creating and buying for the Holidays?

Do you have Older or younger children...and do you still give Easter Eggs or have you started giving gifts for Easter...

Come on gals I am interested here...what are you all getting up too!

Bye Bye for now my lovelies.

Happy Easter