Sick of coughing!

Hello folks, its only january and I have the most irritating cough that is keeping me (and everyine else!) awake all night long....whenever I get Ill, I usually end up with a cough....but this one really does need an award for the worst cough I have every had....I stayed up until 5am last night - hoping that I would be so tired, that I might get a few hours sleep, but no! as soon as I lay my head down, so my tickle starts to irritate and I ended up hacking away!

I still have my tonsils, so I suppose there is more to infect in my throat, that is probably why I have such and irritation....or I wondered, do you think it is linked with giving up asparthame! I am blaming everything on to that! You see a friend of mine, kept telling me how bad it was, and I didnt really believe him until it was all in black and white in front of you would of thought that I would of been able to sleep at night now, wouldn't you being that I am so asparthame free!.....but no! my hacking cough continues.....all day and all night! every 10 breaths or so the tickle starts, its really terrible, what should i do!

Here in blighty, the doctors say - do not come to see us unless what you are producing is a rather nasty colour (sorry folks! thought Id save the colour to your imagination!) here I am - Fred is about to divorce me, as he has had hardly any sleep listening to me.....the sympathy is soooo wearing out!.....He told me he was getting fed up with it now! Yikes what is a gal to do!

So I thought I would ask you all for your 'rotton tickly cough' remedies - home made of course, as this year I am going all 'eau naturel'......what with the food issues ....chicken! .....asparthame! ....and wrinkle creams! oh and trying to lose 10 stone! but thats another story!

I really would appreciate any help that you have, as i feel so ill this week, the colour has actually drained from my I need lots of sympathy!.......No more than that!!! :)

Thanks girls, look forward to hearing from you - Luv happy xx

Happy New Year....;0)

Hello Everyone - sorry again, not to of blogged for a while - Fred has been keeping me amused with his blogs (he is so funny!) - infact we have had quite alot going on lately - do catch up @ Fredsworld - He has a way with words that keeps us all in stitches!'ll be able to catch up with the Happy clan over at his blog.

We have taken down the decorations today - it took from 8am until 8pm phew! are we tired!

Happy New year to everyone and ill be blogging again shortly - luv Happy x