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ADD A LITTLE GLAMOUR by Turning Your Home Into A Hotel Experience
We can all agree that everyone’s life could do with a little more ‘wow’ factor. We see celebrities in glitzy gowns on red carpets and then we look at our own lives and long for a little more excitement and glamour. However, it’s very possible to inject a little luxury into your everyday life and into your home – here’s how to (and how not to!) do it.
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What To Do: Make sure that you make your bed every day. Coming into a tidy bedroom with an inviting-looking bed is one of the best things about staying in a hotel. Make sure that your floor is clear and that your surfaces remain uncluttered. If you’ve had your comforter and pillows for a long time, it’s a good idea to go out and look for new ones. Not only will a good pillow help you out if you’re suffering from neck or back pain, but they’ll also help you get to sleep more easily at night.
What Not To Do: Don’t put a chocolate on your pillow. You might forget it’s there and wake up in the morning with melted chocolate stuck in your hair, which is the exact opposite of glamorous. You probably also shouldn’t spend too much time attempting to fold your towels into animals every day, no matter how nice it was when the hotel staff did it for you that one time.
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What To Do: Update your bathroom. Invest in good quality towels so you can wrap yourself up in warm softness after you get out of the shower, and consider updating your tub with waterfall taps and a rack where you can set your book so you can relax in the bath for as long as you like. You could also treat yourself with some good quality toiletries and scented candles so you can really enjoy your evening soaks.
What Not To Do: Don’t spend too long in the bath or shower. Not only is it terrible for the environment because of all the water you’ll be using up, but you might run out of hot water – and there’s nothing like the shock of a cold shower to bring you back to everyday life with a bump.
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What To Do: Learn to cook. Take some cooking classes and learn some quick and delicious recipes so you aren’t stuck eating chips and salsa and takeaway pizza for dinner three nights in a row. You might not be working at a Michelin standard, but that’s okay – serve a simple three course dinner once a week and you’ll feel like a star.
What Not To Do: You might have seen food being presented on silver platters on TV and in films, but in actuality it isn’t very practical. Not only can they not be microwaved or put in the dishwasher, but spending hours polishing silver doesn’t add much wow factor to your everyday life. Stick with your normal plates – although get rid of the chipped and cracked ones. You deserve better than that!

Decorating Your Home in an Eclectic Style

The Do's and Dont's of Decorating your Home in an Eclectic Style

Decorating your home in an eclectic style can be tricky to pull off. It is a style that is so easy to love. Take the table and chairs in Rachel and Monica’s apartment in Friends, for example. When you use different colours and styles for each chair, it is an eclectic style. We might see other ideas online or in magazines that we just love. But when we try and pull it off, it might end up looking a little like a jumble sale. There are certainly some do's and don’ts which I will share some of them with you today.
I hope it helps if you are looking to decorate in this style.

A Happy Loves Rosie Display...:

DON'T: Forget to use a Focal Point

The eclectic style is about mixing a few different styles, colours and time periods. When you are pulling it all together, though, it gets that messy look when there isn’t a focal point. The room still needs some kind of focus. So choose one piece and work around it. It might be a piece of traditional furniture, a piece of wall art or some flooring. Just make sure that you make that be the focus and everything else, though different, should complement it.


DO: Think About the Layout

You might have lots of different ideas of how you want things to look. But without a proper plan or layout in place, it can just look cluttered. So don’t forget about placement and what looks well together. Measure out the room and decide where exactly you want certain pieces to go. You might find that you don’t even have room for a french style chaise longue after all.

DON’T: Stick with the Style in One Room

When you are inconsistent with your home decor, it just looks confusing and a little messy. So don’t just have an eclectic style in one room and then a super simple monochrome look in the rest of the rooms of the house. It makes the rooms flow better when they all complement each other. So if you are choosing this style, it is a bit of a commitment to carry the look through the home. Otherwise, things just look disjointed.

A little corner in my sitting room.:

DON’T: Think Eclectic Means Anything

If you are choosing to decorate in an eclectic style, it isn’t an excuse to go crazy at your local charity shop. It doesn’t mean just using anything and everything. It can be quite a fine line between busy and messy to layered and together. So for each room, you might want to decide how many of the contrasting styles or periods you want to focus on.

pillows, can never have enough of them:

DO: Use Symmetry

If you can find balance in the room, then you are onto a winner. So in your layout, think of pieces that are similar and that can create symmetry. It has been said that things with similar lines are perfect for design harmony. So think of the overall look, even if the pieces are from different time periods or styles.

All pictures have been taken from the different homes I have lived in through the years.