Whilst travelling over to my Mum's in London along the Eastern Avenue...I made a new discovery...!
I have been searching for a new headboard for my bedroom for a while now! we do have one, but it is old and not attached at all,  just propped and sandwiched between the wall and the actual bed!

I have looked all over the place to find something suitable to our tastes but have found the prices to be much more than we can afford!

...so back to 'travelling over to my Mum's....to my surprise, along the road on the right hand side, there was a carpetright with a sign underneath saying sleepright beds! well have you ever heard of anything sooo bizarre! but yes its true! CARPETRIGHT NOW SELL BEDS! ...Luckily I was able to turn and park in their carpark to check them out...
...& they had two types of headboards that I am interested in...one is the ALEXIS headboard and the other one was the ROSETTE headboard
The prices are so competitive, compared to what I have seen in the past and both designs would really suit my bedroom...

What style would you choose? 
...and how long have you known that CARPETRIGHT NOW SELL BEDS?