The Happy Home

Well as you know I have been making and creating items to add to my website lately, so I thought what better way then to start the weekend off by showing you some happy creative pictures.
Yep gals...this is what I have been getting up too and to be honest i did get rather carried away with myself! making probably far too many things...but what the heck! I have enjoyed myself and that is the main thing ay!
I hope you like my original design ideas...I have used these letter cards since I can remember for one thing and another...I have seen them become more and more popular with creative minds alike, so I have made a few more buntings with them...hoping to appeal...
I have also added some vintage kitsch bits
...and had a lot of fun with paper techniques...

It has been nice to finally make items that have been rolling around in my head for ages...but it all does take time and I hope that some of you will be inspired to buy something from me to add to your Happy Home.

Anyways...Have a Happy Weekend my lovely peeps and keep coming back to me, as next week I am going to start the week off with a delightful give-away!
Speak soon my lovelies xx

Heart It