Well better late than never ay!...to be truthful, I am usually a tee-totaller, but after consuming a couple of bottles of Baileys all in the one 'New Years evening'! didn't really help and I spent all of New Years day with a MAHOOSIVE headache and in bed recuperating! only to resurface around 3pm for a New Years Day over cooked dinner lol! so this is why I am wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, on now, the 3rd

I have realised that I didn't show you pictures of my twig tree's new home in the Dining room! I know you are probably sick of Christmas pictures by now, but I am adding them here anyway to finish of another chapter...as you can see from the two pictures above...it looks so much better in the dining room...well it does in real life! the pictures have come out rather dark in these...

My next project, before i start anything else, is to find some storage space for all these Christmas decorations again! I hate that job...although it is a quicker one than actually putting them up...my hoarding, is getting to be a bigger habit than I have room to put things...so the next few days for me will be having a big clear out.

I sooo wished that I had another spare room...I would sooo like my own craft room...one where I could make a mess and leave it like it and just shut the door! but I know I must make the best of what I do have!

...But we are so outgrowing our little cottage...
Freddy is even outgrowing the caravan, he has so many art materials enough to fill up 20 caravans! and plus it is a tad to cold for him out there at the moment...so what with the Christmas decorations...too many ornaments, my sons untidiness (leaving clothes everywhere) and all of out Arty bits here and there scattered around....I really do feel like the walls are closing in on us!

I have looked online to see if there are any available properties to move to, but the rental market is still so dear...ideally i would love an old property with lots of ground, but those type of gafs don't come cheap...oh what will 2013 bring!

Anyway back to the pictures...
Above is our Christmas table...before we had our lunch and before my son Daz smoothered a beautiful roast dinner with tomato sauce and mayonnaise...ok so I did put it on the table, but I didn't realise he was going to put quite so much on! lol!

The kitchen looking quite tidy...for a Chrimbo Dinner...
ha you haven't seen the other side...

Our little Nativity set bought at a local Charity shop, a couple of days before Christmas...all new and in the box, for £1.50 woo hoo bargain! although little baby Jesus does look rather like a widgety grub! Bless!

And now onto New Pastures...A New year and a New start...I am not making any resolutions, because I know I will never keep them...but what I do aim to do, is look after myself more, eat a healthier diet and perhaps give max a little walk here and there...

...also I want to get to bed a bit earlier and get myself into a better routine, so that i am able to get more done in the day...you never know! I might even tackle the ironing pile! Naa only joking!

Have you made any New Year resolutions?
or come to any conclusions about what you want to do this year?

Do tell me ;)
+ if you have a lovely large cottage you would like to rent me for a couple of years for a poppycock rent...please come forward lol! well I thought I would try ;) xx

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