Sunday, 9 December 2012

The White Christmas Tree Unveiled!

Well here she is my lovelies...I have put her up and she does look soooo pretty!, I have tried so hard with my new SAMSUNG camera to capture her well, but still the pictures do not do her justice!
I have stood her on our little blue coffee table, but forgot that Freddy likes to create his collages on the other day he had to go into the caravan to create his wonderful art...but even with the heater on full pelt! he still frosted over! and had to come in after only about half an hour for a cup of Option's (40 calories a cup) white chocolate Cocoa!!!that i bought for MYSELF!! and now there is hardly any left! Grrr!
Anyway at least it warmed him up enough for him to return to create some more ;)

I still have some more decorating to do! I am not sure that I like the twig tree and the white Christmas tree next to each other...!...Freddy suggested that the twig tree would look good in our dining room on the table in front of the reflect the light! and I kind of again i might change it all around again! lol! 
I thought i would show you my progress so far anyway!...I also have found it difficult to hang the baubles off of this tree, as you have to find space for them to hang down...where as decorating my Upside down Christmas Tree, is much easier, because they hang down away from the tree,,,this is something that I have been used to for a few years now!...still watch this contrary head, might even tell me to put that one up as well! lol!
 You just can't beat Vintage Christmas Baubles though, can you! the bright colours are amazing and really make this artificial tree look stunning.

Bye for now my lovelies xx



  1. So colorful and fun - love the birdie! :-)

  2. I love your white tree! The colours of the ornaments show up so much more! I'm in the middle of decorating too...Chaos!

  3. I love your white tree! The colours of the ornaments show up so well!

  4. I'm one of your new followers and just have to say that you have such a fun and colorful home that I can't help but smile when I visit.

    LOVE your new white tree!

  5. I love your tree everything pops! Puts me in the holiday spirit.

    Happy Holidays,

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG I would really like to have such a vintage glass ornament collection as you've - I'm buying each year with my mum two or three vintage glass ornaments, it's a kind of christmas mum and daughter tradition, which we've started four or five years ago, when I was 14!!!! Someday I'll get all these wonderful ornaments for my homey:) Love to read your blog and would be glad if you would visit my too:)

    Wish you an AMAZING and cozy wonderful christmas time and eve with your family and friends:)


  7. ..yay it looks fab!!! i saw a white tinsel tree in a local charity shop yesterday but my son wouldn't let me stop...i thought of you and desperately wanted to see if it was a bargain waiting to be given a new home....check it out tomorrow! ...reminds me of my nana's tree....think the photos are amazing....i'm still decorating...gosh it makes a mess!x

  8. i like my trees to be green, i'm not a huge fan of coloured ones, yours is cute though, i love your sparkly birds and stag,:)

  9. Awesomeness, love that bird in the first picture - love the bright colors on the white tree, they just really pop! It's so you and so incredible - love it! Mary

  10. Lovely! My grandparents had a white tree, brings back lots of memories of wonderful childhood Christmases!

  11. Very pretty,and its upright too ;)

    You decorated it wonderfully...blessings

  12. Love your white tree. My daughter
    has a smaller one in her bedroom.
    Will be looking out for vintage baubles after seeing yours.

  13. So beautiful and cheery!! Love all the vintage ornaments! xo Heather

  14. Oh wow it looks beautiful it's very reminiscent of my childhood Christmas tree (70's, I'm THAT old) x

  15. My Happy!! Since I see how gorgeous your white tree looks I am making room to put mine up today..I'm sure my boyfriend will appreciate this..I can blame it on you..Right Happy..LOL

  16. Your white tree is spectacular!

  17. a bit late coming to this one, but all these pics and this tree are amazing! A feast for my eyes! thank you!


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