Sunday, 8 April 2012


Happy Easter my lovely people...
 I have bought the outside in...this easter...I have flowers all over the place...although I have had to spray these yellow ones with perfume lol! I must admit they are looking a little worse for ware this morning! EeK!

Ok so I have spread the decorations around a bit...but everything looks so fresh and vibrant...I have also decorated this year with these vintage and very very shabby Japanese lanterns...I have had them for a couple of years now...infact I nearly put them up at Christmas...but they would of looked a little lost in amoungst all that sparkle...

 So I decided to put them up on the ceiling for this Easters decorations and I think they look you like them?
 My little chickadees are everywhere...and looking very cute in and amoungst my BIG UP BLIGHTY collectables.

These flowers above I did spray with perfume...coz they were getting a little whiffy! can you please squint when you are looking at this piccie...and hopefully the flowers might look a little better lol!
 These are the eggs I managed to get...I have filled them with lots of little treats including maltesers and scratch cards...all ready for the Easter Egg hunt later today.
 Its I usually have a stash of chocolate by where I sit in the living room...and last night my son Daz came to sit with us and watch telly, he asked if I had any chocolate and I said no and that I was saving anything I had for the Easter Egg hunt lol!
Anyway...I hope you have enjoyed all my pictures & do have a Happy Day today whatever you decide to do I will try to go to church I think, as I love to keep up with traditions...I might even fit in an afternoon Booty as well...and then I think a lovely Roast Dinner and a Snooze!

Sounds like a good plan!

Speak so my lurvelies

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