Right....Here it is!...slightly earlier than advertised...but I have had a few visitors, so I thought I might as well declare The Happy Loves Rosie shop OPEN!
Yes gals...this is where all my time and effort has been over these last few months....I have tried to blog about different things, but have been so excited of the launch of the 'Edition de Paris' book featuring some very famous peeps and little old me!'

I have been making things and listing things....creating is a great pastime of mine...whether its designing blogs or getting my hands soaked in gesso and glue...I love it all!
This website really does represent the Happy Loves Rosie Brand...its all the things I love, find and make!  I still have alot of things to list...so if you pop over now...please keep popping over to see if there is something you just can't live without!' 
Ok so there is a bit of a 'Blighty' theme...but then that is sooooo me!...I have quite alot of Jewellery on there...as that is what I started designing when I left school, many many years ago...so I love to make it :)...and ended up making quite alot, over a good few months!
But there is also bags and kiddies bits....graphics and clothes...all these sections will be filled...I am going at it like the clackers!!! hehehe!...whenever I get a spare moment...I am listing...infact it getting quite a joke in our house! ;)
These piccies are an insight into what is instore....As you can see - I love buttons...I think it has something to do with circles! I lurve circles...I always think that it stems from the fact that when my Dad was alive and I must have been about 15, we were on holiday and my Mum was taken ill and was in hospital for a few days...
My Dad and I, went out to a club together (he loved Jazz funk! even though he was my Dad! Good ole dad :)) Anyway, we danced to Circles by Atlantic Starr (Oh I love that band!)..and that memory has stayed with me, .whether its why I love Circles, I don't know...but there sure is alot featured in my website...! :)
Oh and by the way....I have created the entire website myself! WoooHOOO! I hear you shout, but considering I am self taught I think its pretty AMAZING! C'mon gals and guys I have got to blow my own trumpet havnt I! :)))

So don't forget to check the website for blog banners...(a lovely one featured above!)...there will also be blog design packs featured there soon too! and happy graphics...oh isn't it just soo exciting!....and as for the book it will be out more towards the end of the month...but I'll let you know when....its actually all in Japanese, you know like the Paumes books, but the photography is delicious...so well worth buying :) to give all you lovely girlies lots of ideas :)
I'd better go now gals...got to get listing LOL!