Here is a list of blogs that I have enjoyed following over the last 15 years of my blogging career! Some of them have not been updated in a while…but the ladies ‘that used to’ or ‘still do’ write them are still very special to me!…All of these lovely blogs make for an interesting read …so please, sit back with a coffee and have a good look through!

  1. Meet me at Mikes
  2. Dottie Angel
  3. Teawagon Tales
  4. Hen House
  5. Lavender Dreams
  6. Posy gets Cozy
  7. A Cup of Jo
  8. Everyday is a Holiday
  9. Vintage Pretty and Shabby
  10. The Vintage Laundress
  11. Apartment Therapy
  12. S F Girl by Bay
  14. Textile Treasure Seaker
  15. Sixty One A
  16. Selina Lake
  17. A Beautiful Mess
  18. Saturday Finds
  19. Old Flowers 4 Me
  20. Niki Fretwell
  21. Lobster & Swan
  22. Domino
  23. Carmen Whitehouse
  24. Miss Pickering
  25. Papermash
  26. Martha Stewart
  27. Apartment Apothecary
  28. Noodle Head
  29. Turkey Feathers
  30. Marlynne Creates Daily

And here is some new reading material…gals that seem to be blogging from their hearts, which I so love!

  1. A little bird
  2. carolyn friedlander
  3. design mom
  4. down to earth
  5. floret flowers
  6. foxs lane
  7. gardenista
  8. front and feather
  9. hello
  10. field and nest
  11. lavender and lovage
  12. tiny canal cottage
  13. sweet tidings
  14. my 100 year old home
  15. karla’s cottage
  16. a colourful life
  17. winwick mum
  18. life with the crew
  19. my threadbare life
  20. three stories high

Let me know if you have any blogs that you would like to share with me and also if you would like to swap links?  I will be more than happy to do that!  Lets get back to basics with our blogs again…and start sharing the love 🙂