After Christmas Chill Out at the Happy House

christmas tree in scandi living room

After Christmas Chill Out at the Happy House

Hi there folks, Christmas day has come and gone and now it’s time for a well earned Chill Out at the Happy House!  Yes once again it was very busy for me! This year you see, I cooked the dinner around my Mum’s house, as she is now bed bound; just for the three of us though…Freddy, Mum and Myself!  Mum doesn’t have much of an appetite anymore, but I still made a big dinner! Much to Bella’s delight, because she got plenty of left overs!

cattle crossing sign on chair in corner of room
The little chubby angel and the metal plate on the table, along with the paper star light are all purchases from the Norway Charity Shop.

I recently purchased a ramp for her front door so that Freddy can now visit her in his wheelchair…infact he has been visiting her with me quite a lot lately, since i bought it and it melts my heart to see him holding her hand and telling her how much he loves her and how pretty she is.  She has carers now and we go and see her every other day for a few hours, we watch films and have a catch up on who has rang her recently and who hasn’t bothered lol!  She still has a wonderful sense of humour even though, now her body is giving up…I love her so much and it’s so difficult seeing her deteriorating in front of my eyes.
christmas decor

Most of the items on the grey table in the front of the picture are from the Norway Charity shop…the white china wee willie winky candle holder,  the Santa on ski’s,  the glass bon bon dishes, the pink candleabra and the JUL wooden sign 

As as soon as I got to Mum’s, I decided to move the furniture around including her bed which I moved over a bit to make space for some more chairs and now there is more room for Freddy to turn around and for people to sit down, it was really quite cramped before, but I wished I had sorted that out before I got there, as I was quite whacked out by the time Rosie and her Fiance and Darryl and his Girlfriend arrived.

As Usual I was sitting on a hard kitchen Chair!  What is it with youngsters these days!  Let us Oldies sit on the comfy chairs please guys! We have achy limbs!  We used to let our Mum’s sit on the comfy chairs when we were younger!  Where did I go wrong lol!

blue armchair with Merry Christmas cushion
So here again I am including a few pictures from our Living room, showing you our Christmas decorations…I am growing tired of them now though, so I don’t think it will be long before we take them down!  I love New Year… A Fresh start, New beginnings and all that!  And for me the same old New years resolutions!  I never promise myself that I am going to loose weight as that always ends by the second week in January lol!

white lit christmas treeBehind my chair, (in the previous and above picture) you might be able to see lots of furry things on the floor!… they are actually Bella’s toys! every time she gets one out, the Christmas tree sways and jingles…it’s surprising that it hasn’t fallen down already! 🙂 x

But I do want to travel more, as you know we did a bit this year HERE and my soon to blog about trip to Norway in November, that was brilliant too!  But travelling costs money and we don’t have much of that, so one of my New Years Resolutions might have to be a get rich quick scheme lol! If anyone knows of any please drop me the idea on a postcard 😉

Hall clock and vintage christmas ornaments
The above picture has been taken in my hallway, for which there are few goodies from the Norway Charity shop…The two metal tealight buckets and the white china candle pedestals…aren’t they divine!  I don’t think I have shown you my hall before…still that can be another blog post :)!

It took us quite a while to get settled in this house and it is ever changing as always, the old prophecy of one thing in and one thing out has gone out of the window, as the old things that I love,  I just can’t bare to part with!  but I am going to have to purge some things soon, especially from my craft room as that is the smallest room in the house (apart from the little girls room!) but has the most in it!  Watch this space!

Vintage Mannequin and christmas baubles
So ill say goodbye for now and hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve, whatever you are going to be doing and in the New Year i’ll bring you that promised ‘Cruise to Norway post’ that I have been promising.

Bye for now my lovelies x

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