4 Reasons a MacBook Is A Great Work Computer

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Whether you’re studying or working from home, you need a computer to do everything. Mostly, you’ll opt for a laptop so you can move it around with you. It can perch on a desk when you’re in the home office, but you can also take it on the train or to a coffee shop – it’s a wonderfully versatile device. 

Naturally, you’ve got a whole host of choices when looking for work computers. Today, we’re going to talk about MacBooks. As you may know, these laptops are made by Apple, but they come with a host of unique features that make them excellent work devices. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this post! So, let’s check out four reasons a MacBook is a great work computer: 

An intuitive OS

The operating system is the system that your laptop runs on. Most will use Windows, which is good, but it has a few faults. MacBooks use Mac OS, which is developed specifically for these devices by Apple. As a result, it’s very fluid, very fast, and incredibly intuitive. 

Small tasks are simpler on this OS than on a Windows laptop. For example, if you want to uninstall some programs on your Windows laptop, you have to dive deep into the settings to find the relevant menu. Things are far easier on a MacBook, as this article described. Basically, it’s a case of pressing the app and clicking uninstall – simple! There are countless examples of this on the Mac OS that make the whole experience much easier for the user. 

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You get apps already downloaded

It’s pretty annoying when you get a laptop and spend ages downloading loads of different applications – most of which you have to pay for. 

With MacBooks, you get a handful of applications and programs on your device already. This includes things that are useful for working, like Keynote and Facetime. Keynote is basically Apple’s version of Powerpoint with loads of cool added features. Facetime is a great way to call one or multiple people at once, letting you schedule meetings and consult with clients. If you’re creative, iMovie or Garageband also come preloaded onto your MacBook, letting you edit videos and music with ease. 

Full integration with other Apple devices

Who doesn’t have an iPhone these days? At the very least, you’ll have an iPad, right? If you do use Apple devices, a MacBook is the smartest work choice you can make. Your Apple ID will be used across all devices, making them interconnected. It means you can do things like receive text messages directly to your MacBook, so you never miss a message. Or, and this is such a neat feature, you can copy text from your phone and paste it onto your MacBook. 

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Little integrated features like this provide you with more synergy when working. You can move between devices and stay connected at all times. It would be easy to work on a presentation on your MacBook, and then show it to someone on your iPad. Or, you can take contact details from your MacBook and then use them on your iPhone to call a client. Windows laptops don’t have anywhere near the same level of interconnectivity, which often makes life harder in a working world where you will use multiple devices all the time. 

Better virus protection

There has long been a myth that MacBooks are immune to getting viruses. Unfortunately, this is not true. A MacBook can get a virus, just like any other laptop. Nevertheless, this myth stems from the fact that these devices come with far better virus protection than other laptops. 

You see, a MacBook will already have three key things in place to prevent malware and viruses: 

  • XProtect (antivirus software)
  • Malware Removal Tool
  • App Review Process

girl using mac computer in home office

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

The three things work to identify threats and remove them before they do you any harm. Most apps you download on your device will come from the App Store, which has a strict review process to ensure all developers are safe and virus-free. Thus, it is harder to download things to your MacBook that may cause harm. 

Alongside this, you can always get third-party antivirus software for a bigger safety boost. If you’re looking for a work computer, it’s vital to get something that keeps your data safe!

When you compared Apple products to Windows laptops, there is usually a big price difference. But, one of the reasons MacBooks are costly is that they have advantages over other laptops. So, if you want the best device for work, it could be a Mac?


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