5 Clever Ways To Add More Storage Around Your Home

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Minimalism remains one of today’s enduring architecture and interior design trends, as many homeowners prefer ditching the superfluous for the basics that make spaces appear sleek and sophisticated. According to a 2019 Furniture Choice survey, 46% of Great Britain adults chose minimalism as their favourite interior trend that summer. The minimalist life demands creativity with storage, so it is prudent to find extra storage around your home without adding square footage. If you wish to learn more about increasing storage options around your house, please consider these ideas.

Although I’m not agreeing to the minimalist look!  You know me! that will never be a look that I will be up for but I’m up for showing you ways to add more storage whether you love the minimalist or maximalist look…

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Invest in a great hallway table

A hallway table or console table is a narrow piece of furniture designed to be placed strategically along the walls of small rooms. Due to their ingenious design, hallway tables take up less floor space, making them multipurpose furniture items that can replace many other furniture pieces with single functions. Also, these tables provide excellent storage areas for grab-and-go items like your hat, wallet, keys, scarves, mail, and handbags. As such, you can store these and many more miscellaneous items on these tables, ensuring that clutter never forms in your entryway.

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Build a shed

A reported two-thirds of Brits own a shed, and about 62% of the population won’t buy a home without one for good reasons. Besides being the backbone of your garden landscaping, sheds are also functional storage units that come in handy for keeping clutter. Sheds are great for housing possessions of all types, from old furniture that doesn’t fit anywhere to seasonal decorations that you have to store till you need them. Thankfully, even the tiniest backyards can accommodate a shed big enough to shelter many miscellaneous items, so they are undoubtedly worth the investment.


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Install hooks all over the home

Several interior designers agree that hooks are a must-have for homeowners seeking more storage options in tiny homes, so keep this in mind. Consequently, install hooks in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, laundry room, and other areas around the home to create significant storage space and prevent clutter. For example, you can hang pans and pots on hooks in your kitchen to keep items off the counter.

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Buy furniture with storage

Various pieces of furniture provide extra storage space you can exploit for a more clutter-free home. Consequently, keep an eye out for pieces that come with hidden storage when shopping for furniture. For instance, you can find coffee tables with multiple compartments for storing TV remotes, game controllers, tablets, and many more. Also, you can purchase an outdoor bench with an opening top to keep hoses and other gardening equipment. Finally, you can buy an Ottoman with a lid for your living room so that you can store extra blankets and winter clothes.

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Be creative with shelf installation

Installing shelves is also an excellent way to introduce more storage options around your home. As such, feel free to explore a broad range of creative shelf installation ideas to make the most of underutilised space. Location is a prime concern when it comes to installing shelves. But you can generally set them up wherever you think they would be most functional. However, the perimeter of your bedroom walls, spaces above doorways, and corner spaces are some of the best places to consider for shelf installation.


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