3 Things to Cook in Non stick Pans and 3 Things to Avoid

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Buying new, high-quality cookware is one of the best investments you can make, and a good non stick pan is always mandatory. Over time, however, both your expensive non stick cookware sets and your inexpensive ones will start looking worse for wear.

If you’d like to save your precious cookware from getting damaged, follow this simple guide on the dos and don’t of cooking with non stick pots and pans:

What to Use in Your Non stick Pan

  1.   Any Egg Dish

Non stick cookware sets are ideal for cooking anything egg-related. A non stick pan can be used to make fluffy omelettes and sunny-side-up eggs to perfection.

You’re welcome to use egg cutters and other cookie cutters if you would like to achieve a particularly shaped egg, but it’s best to go for silicone moulds, however, to ensure no damage is done. 

  1.   Say No to Sauces and Yes to Salmon

Have you tried pan-fried salmon? It’s delicious and mostly fuss-free, but salmon can be a messy fish to cook with. Ideally, you want to make sure that the salmon is thoroughly dried off using a paper towel before you gently place it to cook in your heated non stick skillet or pan.

If you are making sauces to accompany your dish, try to avoid using the same pan to heat your sauce. The reason sauces made in non stick pans don’t taste great is that the pan doesn’t allow for the messy bits to accumulate at the bottom.

The sticky bits that remain on the pan are essential to add flavour to the dish.  Here you have the secret to a great sauce that can be poured over salmon, vegetables, or any simple dish that needs sprucing up.  

  1.   Gooey Sticky Cheese

Do you avoid making grilled cheese sandwiches because of the leftover burnt cheese that spoils your cookware? Well, you can finally indulge your grilled cheese fantasies and even make vegan cheese recipes with a non stick pan. The cheese will come away from the surface of the pan with ease. 

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What Not to Use in Your Non stick Pan!
Who Knew!

  1. Butter

Have you ever noticed that famous chefs like Jamie Oliver always use a stainless steel pan for melting butter? That’s because using a stainless steel pan results in more evenly cooked butter, even when using plant-based butter. 

While it’s not the worst thing to melt butter in a non stick pan… but the best way to avoid ending up with messy burnt butter is to use a stainless steel pan for the job instead. Besides, the whole point of a non stick pan is that you don’t need things like butter to prevent food from sticking!  

  1. Steer Clear of Sprays

Cooking sprays are convenient, but it’s best to steer clear of them when using a non stick pan. While the effects of the cooking spray may not be seen immediately, using the spray for a long time on your pan will eventually lead to damage. Ideally, use vegetable oils if you want to grease your pan.

  1. Metal Is a Big No

Try not to use metal equipment on your non stick pans. Metal spoons tend to scratch the coating on your pan, so perhaps it’s time to put down those metal spatulas when making pancakes and crepes. Instead, use silicone spatulas and spoons on your cookware to help preserve it for longer.

 Follow these simple tips and your non stick pots and pans will last for a long time.  Avoid using anything that could harm or scratch your pan, and make sure you use reasonable heat levels too.


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