All About Cashmere, What You Need To Know


Cashmere is known as one of the highest quality types of wool due to its very fine fibers. Therefore it is considered to be precious wool. Humans have been using this warm noble wool made from downy hair for more than 3000 years to make clothes such as sweaters and scarves.

The Origin

The cashmere wool is obtained from the undercoat of cashmere goats, which are mainly found in Central Asia. The undercoat of these animals is particularly fine due to their habitat. This fineness ensures that the heat is stored extremely well between the individual fibers. Cashmere goat breeding exists in China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Iran, among others. The term Kashmir goes back to the region of the same name in the Himalayas.


The Quality Features

Real cashmere wool comes from the cashmere goat and is white in its original state. Cashmere wool with brown and black parts comes from Persian and Afghan regions. These must first be bleached before being colored, which affects the quality. There are also cross-bred cashmere goats and other goat species. As well as recycled fibers that are mixed with the high-quality wool. However, this combination does not achieve the original quality of pure cashmere.  

The Production

This is the science behind it! Only about 150 grams of wool can be extracted from the under hair of the animal annually per goat. Either the fallen wool is collected or the undercoat is carefully combed out. Then the material of the cashmere goat is sorted by color and washed. This is followed by what is known as the awning, in which the coarse outer hair, i.e. the awns, is separated from the fine undercoat. For a knitted sweater, for example, at least 400 grams of wool are required. For a model made from 100 percent cashmere, you need the wool of at least three goats. In the case of conventional new wool, which is obtained from sheep, on the other hand, one animal supplies wool for up to 15 sweaters. This shows why cashmere wool is one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibers!

How do I Care for Cashmere? 

At best, keep cashmere clothes in the dark and avoid high temperatures. Stow your cashmere clothing carefully folded in the wardrobe and not on a hanger, as the fabric can lose its shape. After being worn, the fabric regains its previous soft texture through extensive ventilation. If necessary, wash the clothes inside out at a maximum of 30 degrees with a special wool detergent in the wool program of your washing machine. You must also always follow the care instructions on the label. If you purchase from Everyday Cashmere, you can get the best advice. 


Precious cashmere has these advantages:

  1. Cashmere wool is very soft thanks to its delicacy. 
  2. Thanks to the high elasticity, clothes made of cashmere are particularly comfortable to wear. 
  3. The fine fibers not only warm the goats in the Himalayas: The excellent thermal insulation ensures that you are cozy and warm even at low temperatures. 
  4. In contrast to other types of wool, cashmere is light and fashionable.




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