Make Your Household Chores More Fun

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For most of us, most of the time, it’s probably fair to say that household chores don’t tend to feel very “fun” or enticing.  All the same, it’s obviously true that those chores do need to get done, whether in the form of roof gutter cleaning, or in the form of sorting out the recycling and washing the dishes.  

Obviously, it would be a big plus if there were things you could do to make your household chores fun and entertaining, rather than just frustrating and dull.

Here are a few suggestions that might help with that.

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Listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts while you do your chores

Certain household chores will need you to pay quite close attention to what you’re doing, for safety reasons if nothing else.

At the same time, though, many other household chores will be the kinds of things that really don’t require too much of your attention at all – and that you can afford to “multitask” on, without any real risk of things going badly wrong.

Washing the dishes while having a conversation with someone, for example, isn’t likely to pose much of a problem.

So, for those chores that don’t require your undivided attention, how about lining up a great playlist of your favourite songs, or listening to some engaging audiobooks or podcasts while you do the work?

Suddenly, what would otherwise have been a potentially dull experience can become an opportunity to learn something new, get engaged in a gripping story, or let some classic tracks lift your spirits.

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Bring your awareness more into the present moment, and enjoy seeing your home transform

Sometimes, part of what makes household chores less than appealing is the simple fact that you’re dwelling on the fact that you’d rather be somewhere else.

Instead of getting caught up in your own thoughts of the future, or of alternate places to be and things to do, try bringing your awareness and more into the present moment.

When you’ve got your attention focused broadly on what’s right in front of you, you may be able to actually enjoy seeing your home transform bit by bit, as you complete the chores.

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Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the process

If you give yourself something to look forward to at the end of your household chores, the chores themselves can end up feeling like a worthwhile process that will move you closer to something you value and will enjoy, rather than just feeling like a frustrating waste of time.

Maybe you can buy cinema tickets for the evening so that you can keep a positive outlook while you’re handling the chores. Or, maybe you feel like ordering takeaway, meeting up with friends, or even just getting an early night’s sleep.

Either way, chores are often easier to handle when you’ve got something to look forward to on the other side of the process.

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