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Home Interior Trends of 2021Artwork background by Freddy Harris

Every home is a haven that gives way to our ideas, fantasies and all of the in between! We are always searching for ways to make our homes more inviting and friendly; on a budget is even better! Now that we are approaching a new season and are just beginning a new decade, there are new trends that are circling and there are most likely going to be some that take your eye! Designing a home is not an easy task, which involves many important decisions that will affect your quality of life in the long run. Therefore, to help you reach the perfect home you have always dreamed of, we have collected the hottest trends that will upgrade your home.photos on a wall in a kitchen

What’s new?

We all know that tidy and neat is never going to go out of fashion, so before you decide to make big changes; focus on what really needs to be done. Are you perhaps in need of having a clearout? If so, you should firstly consider having all Rubbish Cleared so you can create a blank canvas. Following this, all items in the home should be organised and arranged as neatly as possible to ensure nothing is missing and nothing is lagging behind when you begin your new home redesign. 

Now we can start with analysing the trends. One of the trends that continues from previous years is extra large tiles. The standard size of floor tile has been increasing over the years, and today the tile sizes stand at 1.2X1.2 meters and 3X1 meters alongside custom sizes. 

The trend of large tiles gives a feeling of home with more open spaces. The more open and wide the space, the smaller the tiles tend to confuse the field of view, making the large tiles the preferred solution. Large tiles have become a standard of luxury today, and they come in a variety of raw materials, designs, decorations and textures.

kast concrete basinssource

Another trend that adds some colour from an unexpected direction, is the bright faucets and sinks, which are gaining momentum and becoming a hit in the world of home design. If until now the standard ranged from stainless steel to pale and neutral colours, today one can see a significant trend towards coloured faucets and sinks. This is a welcome and charming trend, which allows you to break the design sequence using a colourful and prominent element in a strategic location in the space, without adding items and while maintaining maximum functionality.

If you have chosen extra large tiles for the central space of the living room and kitchen, when it comes to the bedroom floor, the trend is parquet. This is a choice that allows for easy cleaning, and provides a floor at a pleasant temperature even on cold winter days, when you get out of bed with bare feet. In addition, the wood shades of the parquet give the room a warm and enveloping atmosphere, just as we want in a bedroom.

parquet floor bedroom 2021 trendssource

How to choose between the design styles?

In order not to create a stylistic “mess” in the eyes and a certain uniformity in all the spaces, the design of a house or apartment usually focuses on a certain style, which outlines the choices throughout the space. The main styles of the current era are: 

  1. The urban style – your opportunity to bring the city into the house with industrial elements and dominant materials. Urban design includes the use of dark shades, prominent materials, large surfaces and exposed systems such as pipes, concrete, metal, glass and stone.
  2. The classic style – a design inspired by classical Europe, characterized by luxurious houses and palaces of royalty. Classic design conveys luxury through heavy textures, majestic appearance and attention to every detail. The colours that accompany the style are mainly white in its various shades, cream and elements of copper accompanied by glass and crystals.
  3. The modern style – a timeless style that contrasts with other styles, using straight and clean lines, the repetition of patterns, colours and textures, the contrast between colours and shapes. The most striking thing about the style is the minimalist aesthetics in terms of design items and multiplicity of objects. Less is more.
black painted old buildingsource

The notion of dark…

Let us briefly analyze the main trends in interior design of dark colours 2020-2021, which will be the most relevant and in demand among those who want to renew the living space to their liking in dark colours. A Dark and beautiful interior is suitable for rooms, apartments, houses of any size, the main thing is to choose the right components of the interior. A dark face can look more restless if it is combined with contrasting characters in light colours, or using light accents, thanks to which dark shades are best exposed. You can play around with these shades but only lightly, don’t suffocate all walls in darker shades, that trend is not a hot topic…yet! 

dark green and velvet bedding

Dark interiors can be made in different styles in any room, even in a children’s room, the main thing is how you can beat the dark shades, and how you can improve their mood, while emphasizing the design style. If you like the fashionable dark interior of an apartment, house, room, in choosing design ideas, pay attention, first of all, to black, gray, muted purple, blue, burgundy and green for the wall decoration, because it is with the finish and preferred colour of the walls and design.

the queen is dear and abstractsource

Art, art, art!! 

Abstract art – Abstract art is an art in which there is no identifying figure or clear landscape image, in fact in this art the work is more about conveying a certain message or idea in a general and unambiguous way. Abstract art has long been present in the world of modern and eclectic interior design, but now this art has gained momentum. Abstract paintings of figures and flowers painted in one line are more visible in stores, and have become a crazy trend in the world of interior design. 

abstract art black pinks and gold
Photo by Geordanna Cordero on Unsplash

Velvet is still holding strong on the hot list for trends. Velvet is a timeless material that looks chic and offers a very luxe feel. The completely colourful velvet sofas have become super sought after and coveted lately. The velvet sofas trend will probably stay with us in the near future in the world of interior design. These include plush sofas, armchairs, cushions, dining chairs and bar stools.

 It does not matter what trends are being talked about, you must learn to combine any trend and any other design escape that is not in fashion, in a beautiful, aesthetic, practical and professional way. This can be done with research, Pinterest boards and magazines. You should consider trying out your designs on an app first, because after all, technology helps with everything! 

plants in room
Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

Technology is helping us design! 

Technological innovation does not miss the world of home design, and the field is characterized by advanced technological tools that help consumers dream, plan and execute the design of their dream home. Now, some home design companies are offering visual tours, apps and everything in between to help us see what we can bring to life in our homes! However, home design should still be authentic to your style and you should not worry in any sense. It is vital that you keep true to what you love, whether it’s clean modern or perhaps traditional vintage. You are able to create something unique in your home that will last a very long time.


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