10 Powerful Steps to Rediscovering Yourself

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10 Powerful Steps to Rediscovering Yourself

We are all something to someone; a friend, sister, brother, mom, or employee. However, sometimes you find yourself asking who you really are. Since birth, we evolve as we grow emotionally, psychologically, and physically. What we learn as we grow is propelled by external factors like the kind of neighborhood, teachers, peers, and parents. It is easy to feel lost when the person you are doesn’t reflect who you want to be. In this case, it is time to rediscover yourself with the following powerful steps.

  • Set aside time to know yourself and who you want to become

Self-rediscovery takes time; you have to go on a personal search. Set aside time to ask yourself real, difficult, and vital questions regarding what you like and what you don’t. These are not the usual yes or no queries; you have to search deep within yourself to discover what you need to change and what you require to do more. As you continue to ask these questions, the more you discover yourself.

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  • Take care of your health

To become a better you, healthy nutrition and fitness is a must. It allows you to feel better about yourself, gain confidence in your looks, and relieve stress. Pair this with making healthy diet choices and drinking a lot of water to enable you to take on the world.

Go for regular medical check-ups to know your health status; it will help you ease up and prevent particular diseases. You can get chlamydia treatments for your reproductive health and food supplements.

  • Explore new passions and interests

Almost everyone has a knack for a particular skill, be it cooking, gardening, or art. During your rediscovery journey, consider how you can make use of these abilities. If you have always had an interest or passion for a particular activity, this is the time to explore it. You will never discover your capabilities until you try.

Engage in online tutorials, take a class, or ask for tips from family and friends. Put your skills or those that you learn into practice. You can make something out of them, enhancing your self-confidence as you continue to explore these talents.

  • Get yourself a journal

A journal will help you explore your emotions and dreams. When you meditate or ask yourself questions, practice writing them down, as well as their answers. A journal will not only help with rediscovering yourself but also keeping track of your dreams, patterns that come up now and then, and promises you make to yourself. Once you learn about your unhelpful patterns, you know what isn’t working for you and start repairing it.

  • Declutter your physical life

Physical items will impact greatly on your life and well-being. A lot of clutter takes up room, not only physically but also mentally. It prevents you from moving onto new things and reinventing yourself. You could have a habit of hoarding or buying unnecessary items that you never use. If you have anything that isn’t aligning with you, do away with it. This way, you will create room for things that go well with the new you.

  • Do away with emotional baggage

Once you declutter your physical life, it’s time to do away with emotional baggage. To discover emotions that trigger you and bring out a side that you don’t like about yourself, create a plan on how to change them. Without knowing it, you could be having unhealthy thoughts or dealing with traumatic issues.

To healthily get rid of emotional baggage, it is a good idea to seek a professional. You can get insight from a therapist or chat with them to get a different perspective free of bias. Apart from seeking a therapist, perform some introspection to recognize your emotional triggers.

  • Get someone to mentor you

As you journey towards rediscovering yourself, have someone you look up to mentoring you. You look up to them because of something/s you like about them, for example, success, character, or personality. Ask him/her to mentor you, but don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with them.

Although some people will find this flattering, their guidance will help you be more accountable as you rediscover yourself. They give you some fresh, outside perspective on life.

  • Embrace being honest with yourself

Change requires you to start being honest with yourself. Call yourself out whenever you make bad choices or practice bad habits. Naturally, you will want to subliminally block these habits and practices from your mind or pretend that their consequences aren’t happening. You can only experience real change when you start recognizing your actions and taking responsibility for them.

  • Grieve when you need to

You can easily lose yourself when you lose someone close to you or go through a breakup. To reinvent yourself, you need to let go and move on. However, this doesn’t mean that you should distract yourself and bottle up your feelings. Take time to grieve in your way because even though you avoid these feelings, they eventually resurface.

Engage in activities that allow you to reconnect with yourself. These include going for runs, watching comedies, taking long baths, and meditating. Avoid staying in isolation; surround yourself with people who love you and have activities with them…a bit difficult at the moment, but you know what I mean! Perhaps create a bubble with another part of you’re family, this is a must if you find yourself grieving on your own.

  • Set goals

Goals will give you a sense of purpose and direction. Without them, you end up feeling lost. Set goals that you need to achieve in the long-term and short-term. For long-term goals, think about where you want to be in years to come and make them practical to avoid frustration. Also, you can create your vision board, note them down in a journal, and make it your responsibility to check-in daily with yourself.

Make your short-term goals achievable, for example going to the gym, meditating, or cleaning up. Meeting them enables you to make progress, giving you a sense of accomplishment and improvement.

Bottom Line

Reconnecting with yourself matters and can be done at any point or age in life. Although it isn’t an easy undertaking, you can incorporate practices that enable you to be in charge of this journey. It requires consistency, loving yourself, courage, and determination to achieve results and be the person you have always wanted to be.Set goals, grieve, be honest with yourself, seek mentorship, declutter your life, and ask yourself the hard questions.

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