Best Ways To Redesign Your Home On A Budget

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5 Best Ways To Redesign Your Home On A Budget

With many people these days spending more time inside the home than outside of it, it’s normal to want to update your space to make it as enjoyable to live in as possible. However, with so much economic uncertainty, it may be difficult to justify a full-fledged renovation. 

While it might not be the right time to design your dream house, you can still make some significant changes while sticking to a modest budget. If you’ve already followed tips on making-over your home with decor and furnishings, take a look at these five ways you can partially renovate your home on a budget. 


Pick a new paint colour

Painting your walls a new fresh colour will make your space feel brand new. Keep your eye out for paint sales, and make sure you bring home a sample first before spending your hard-earned cash on buckets of a colour that just doesn’t look the same in your home as it did on the paint advert. I have been coveting greens and lilacs for my bedroom!! Shock Horror! I hear you gasp, but I really love these colours together these days…

mauve green and pale blue


As long as your existing wall colour isn’t too dark, look for paint and primer combos to save yourself the cost of buying a separate primer. For those on a really tight budget, consider painting a single accent wall to give the room a fun pop of colour.  I need to decorate my bedroom, its never been decorated since we moved in and now we have a lift in the room to boot!  Hence there isn’t much room in there and we have 3 different wardrobes, which I am tempted to buy modern ones as they hold a multitude of stuff, but don’t look as nice as old vintage sturdy ones!


These hues are beautiful and so calming…lilac green and teal or a light pale blue…I think I might have to do something soon as This lady and this lady have been inspiring me a lot lately…I love their pretty calm decor, so divine and feminine…

Switch out your flooring 

Replacing that old, tired carpet with modern wood or tile flooring will give any room an instant facelift. While hardwood flooring can be expensive and difficult to install yourself, there are many fantastic alternatives that look just as spiffy as the real thing. Consider installing engineered wood flooring for a low-maintenance and durable alternative. Laminate is a great choice for the least experienced DIY-ers out there…I have it and it has lasted very well…Also why not take a peek under your carpet, if you have recently moved in to your home, its worth having a look, you never know it could be hiding a divine floor!

Installing your flooring yourself might require a few specialised tools you don’t own. Instead of purchasing tools you’ll probably never use again, look for a tool hire company in your area. 


Re-upholster your furniture

Instead of buying brand new furniture, consider re-upholstering those lovely antique pieces you already own to completely change their look. While this is something you can also DIY if you have enough expertise, you can also hire someone to do this for you. Simply purchase your fabric yourself and take it into a professional. 

If you do need new furniture, start your search at antique shops and classified advertisement websites, such as Gumtree. You never know what gem you might find!

pretty bedroom sideboard


Spruce up your cabinets

You spend a lot of time looking at your kitchen cabinets each day, so why not make them stand out? Completely replacing your existing cabinets is an option, but for those sticking to tight a budget, simply spruce up the cabinets you already have

Sanding the surface and repainting them does wonders, as does switching out the knobs and handles. Anthropologie’s ever-changing collection of quirky knobs, hooks, and handles are sure to bring out your creative side. 

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Refinish wood surfaces

Has your side table, bookshelf, or chest of drawers seen better days? Though it looks rather shabby, it likely still has a lot of life left in it yet. 

Simply sand down the surface to remove the existing finish and head to the hardware store to pick out a new stain or paint. Sanding it down will remove any shallow dents and scratches, leaving it looking new. For a more modern effect, paint the legs or body and leave the grain of the wood exposed on the top. Or just leave it looking shabby! lol! I like it like that!

peonies and china


I hope you like these ideas and I hope I have given you some inspiration to try some of them…I am starting to get my mojo back these days, so hopefully I will be painting and decorating myself  to get our home ready for Spring…Well there’s nothing else to do is there!


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