Hasn’t it been a terrible Year

Hello there my lovely peeps, I thought I would bring you a happy update as I haven’t posted for quite a while!  hasn’t it been a terrible year!  I have not been my best! as indeed I expect many of you haven’t either!  Personally I have been on a downward spiral and didn’t feel like writing anything on here whilst I felt that way!…

I’ve been a little Hermit

I have been a little hermit, only really visiting my Mum, just up the road.  My routine has been all out of sorts too,  you know I am a night owl, but everyone wants me to stop all of that, which I did try, and it felt good, but again I have slipped back into my old ways and that’s probably why I am feeling so SH*T tired all the time. But lets put a happy face on it all as Christmas is coming!

Christmas Pictures

So I have decided to add some past Christmas pictures here…some you have seen and some you won’t have,  but a little Christmas cheer doesn’t do any harm does it!

The thought of getting the Christmas dec’s out of the loft this year is a little gruelling, I must say! I feel like I would like to lay in bed until the New Year…well perhaps Spring actually!  I haven’t bought any presents as I am obeying the rules and staying in most of the time!  My Birthday is coming up though, so I seem to be looking on-line at everything I would like to buy for myself instead of thinking of others lol!

Getting nothing done

One thing I do seem to do a lot, is looking on Instagram and Etsy…all those talented people out there makes me feel rather inept.  I seem to spend hours looking at my ipad getting lots of inspiration but not actually getting anything done, which is so frustrating!

Do you do that?

Obsessing over things

I have found that the best thing to do when I feel like that is to listen to music or look at my past creations! sometimes I wonder how I mustered up the enthusiasm to create such wonderful things…I know back then I didn’t suffer from anxiety so much! i wasn’t such an overthinker either!  Hell I was younger! and I had more time to myself!  I also seem to obsess over things these days too…rather than just getting on with my own stuff and minding my own business! It is so easy for me to stop what I am doing and start waivering!

I am not very good at concentrating either and have found that these days my memory is getting much worse!…It helps if I write things down, but you know its getting bad when you can’t understand your own writing LOL!

Anyway thats enough about me! How have you all been coping during this nasty pandemic?  I hope you have all kept safe and not contracted this terrible virus…my heart goes out to all those people that have suffered so badly, families that were unable to see their elderly relatives and families that have lost their nearest and dearest, it has been such a sad time, especially having to leave loved ones in hospital, that must just be the ‘pits’…not being able to say goodbye to a family member must be heart wrenching!  I don’t know how you would get over that…

Worrying Times

We are living through such worrying times, even with the vaccine on the horizon, the levels are going up all around the country!  Here in Kent it looks like we are going to be in stage 3 lockdown after the 2nd December…more staying indoors, and although its all rather depressing; if it’s going to save lives, I am up for that!

Please do enjoy these pictures and I hope to write a few more posts here for you in the coming weeks…

Love and best wishes to you all xx



  1. 17th December 2020 / 9:22 pm

    I am always so HAPPY to see a post from you. Just the mere colors and energy make me smile. You have such a wonderful style and I think you need to share it more often. It has been a very weird year for all of us–here’s hoping 2021 brings us joy and restores sanity! xo Diana

  2. Janet
    8th December 2020 / 10:59 pm

    I totally feel the same. It has been hard to stay up this year. It is more of a roller coaster year. I am like you in looking for inspiration through websites, etc, but then I don’t seem to accomplish things myself, but it is still a joy to look. You bring a lot of happiness to your readers. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday and good wishes for the new year!

  3. Dawn
    2nd December 2020 / 5:26 pm

    Hi Happy! Yes, this has been the year like no other year! But like you, I will social distance, wear a mask every day if I have to, and do whatever is needed to stop the spread of covid-19 and keep those I love from the risk. I work for a company that owns a shopping mall and even during our shutdown in March and April (and we were one of the largest & 1st hotspots in SW GA back then) I still had to come to my office but as there were no tenant stores open, etc it was mostly just to be here to catch up on other tasks during that time. I did grocery shop then too but only every 10-12 days as needed. I wear a mask every day, wash my hands constantly & thoroughly, and I prefer 10 feet away rather than 6 feet and stay away from ANYBODY that does not wear masks, etc as I have no clue where they have been or who they may have been around. Just not worth the risk to me. PLEASE take care of YOU. I got my Xmas decor out Friday and am all down and I played Xmas music the whole time and it lifted me up. Wishing you and yours a SAFE and happy holiday season. I won’t see the vaccine until maybe May, June or July per the CDC (I’m 63 but not ‘hi risk’) but my son, double amputee diabetic, should be top of the list after medical professionals / nursing homes ,etc.

  4. Tana
    30th November 2020 / 2:31 pm

    You are doing the work of angels! Your mom and the rest of your family are very blessed to have you near. I think when angels come to earth and work around us, they too feel sad and do some crying each day as they see us all struggle. I have read your blog about 6am this morning and it will help me smile through this day. I have some Christmas fabric that I have pre-washed sitting on the ironing board and I will get to that and cut out some Christmas tea towels and Christmas masks for my daughter to wear to work. You have a wonderful day and never forget the blessings you bring to others.

  5. Valerie
    27th November 2020 / 4:09 pm

    Good Morning from beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia…where we are having a balmy w-i-n-d-y- morning! LOVE your site…always a sincere pleasure to have a ‘visit’ with you!☺☺ Yes…agree with your virus commentary…the numbers are ‘surging’ here on the Island..so masks are now mandatory everywhere! CHRISTMAS has definitely cheered me up…looking at all the lovely pieces I have collected over the years…***BIG SMILES****….Let’s ….s-p-i-n….a positive note on 2021 and the vaccines that are coming…..Love to you my friend….Valerie (p.s. your pup is ADORABLE!!!!)

  6. Valerie
    27th November 2020 / 3:29 pm

    It was so wonderful to see you in my in box! I like you, and so many others, have been struggling with these awful times. Finally pulled some Christmas decor out yesterday but only about a quarter of my usual…just seems like so much work and then to box it all up again in a few weeks, lol. Hang in there…it will get better. Thank you for putting up one of your lovely posts!

  7. Darcy
    27th November 2020 / 4:51 am

    It is so good to hear from you! Your heartfelt words and lovely decorating are always an inspiration to me! 2020 has definitely been oppressive. We are in Alaska and the virus is raging here right now too. It certainly wears on us. Hang in there my sister!! Thank you for taking the time to post. It was a lift to me. I am actually getting moist eyed as I write this. I have never written you before, but I truly feel you are a friend! Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  8. 26th November 2020 / 5:54 pm

    I hope you are feeling more like your old self soon, Happy. I think this year has taken the wind out of a lot of our sales! Wishing you a lovely holiday season. Maybe once you start getting Christmas ‘out’ it will help. I started early and it has cheered me up immensely. xo Diana

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