6 DIY Crafts that are Can Really Change the Look of Your Room

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When redecorating a room, sometimes it’s better to take the DIY route because not only is it cheaper but we also get a say in how it looks. It’s also satisfying knowing we did it all without the help of a professional. It’s little projects like this that can really make a home truly ours. If you’ve been meaning to do some redecorating via DIY , here are some ideas that can really create a big impact on your space. 

  1. Wall art

Wall art is something that every home needs. It’s a way to express your personality and it makes for a great conversation starter. First, you need to pick a really good photo that you want to display in the room. It’s up to you what the image will be whether it’s a dream destination, an abstract painting, or a motivational quote. Whatever it is, you want to make sure it’s in the right dimensions so it comes out printed in high quality. 

There are plenty of small entrepreneurs on websites like Etsy that will sell you beautiful wall art for just a few pounds. They will send you the right file size and you can then just have it printed at the shop. Lastly, buy the right-sized frames and then just mount it on the wall together with the photo. You can certainly take on this project and finish it in a few days.

  1. Paint colour

Paint is another simple DIY project that will really make a big difference in how your space looks. We often make changes to our decor by moving around furniture or adding new decor but we don’t really think about updating the paint colour to match the space. Evaluate the room now and see what colour would suit it best. Don’t be afraid to look into trending colours of the season as well. Before you fully commit to a colour, try it on a small patch on your wall first to see how it will look. If you like it, then you can proceed with the DIY project.

  1. Door colour

Front doors don’t always have to be boring. You can repaint it with bright and fun colors so you’ll always pull up to your house with a huge smile on your face. This will really create a big impact not just on your room but on your guests and neighbors as well. 

  1. Window trims

If repainting your walls or door is too big of a project for you, just repaint your window trimmings instead. It will have the same impact and you’ll always want to look out your window because your eyes will be drawn to the colour. 

  1. Headboard

Making a headboard is easy but it can create dramatic results that will change the feel of your entire bedroom. There are different styles to pick from rustic to Morrocan. Depending on the materials you have available and your skill level, you can take on this project and have a beautiful headboard in less than a week.

  1. Shop your own home

Sometimes, the best decor additions can be found right in our own home. Look around for old furniture or decor that you’ve stored away and see if you can repurpose it. A sofa can change an entire room, sure, but you may just need to display an old memorabilia or a stack of your favorite books to make the space truly your own. Maybe consider repainting or reupholstering old furniture. This is a great way to redecorate your space and it doesn’t cost you money to do it. Best of all, it prevents you from throwing away old items that still have sentimental value. 

Which of these DIY projects will you be taking on first?
Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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