Keeping Your Next Family Holiday Closer to Home

caravanning holidays

2020 has been an odd year and many of us have found ourselves drawn away from our usual routines in order to socially isolate or socially distance from one another. This may well have been difficult for various reasons, but at the end of the day, it’s been worth it in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus and save lives. As we’re beginning to learn to work within this worldwide pandemic, restrictions and regulations are being loosened and we’re once again beginning to find ourselves with more freedom on our hands.

caravanning holidays

This slow return to normality may mean that you’re starting to begin to make plans to make somewhat positive use of the rest of the summer months that we have for the year. If you’re planning a family holiday, it’s generally a good idea to stay a little closer to home rather than jetting off overseas. Here, you know you’ll be close to family and friends if their help is required and you’ll be used to local distancing guidelines, so can feel comfortable keeping yourself and your little ones away from others while still having a good time. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you to plan the perfect family holiday!

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Consider Camping

Camping is perhaps the best form of holiday when it comes to being able to manage the cleanliness and hygiene of your accommodation and being able to distance yourself from others. You can take your own tent, sleeping bags and other essentials, which you will be able to guarantee are clean and hygienic. You’ll also be able to pitch your tent up at a distance from others, maintaining a safe distance but creating your own little bubble with your little ones. Plus, many campsites are reopening, so you can still camp with day to day home comforts like electricity, showers and more.

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Plan Activities

Organisation is key to having a good time but maintaining high safety standards. Look at the area you’re visiting and decide what you want to do with your family while you’re there. Scout out lesser known beaches or parks. Know where public toilets are located and pack your own antibacterial wipes and gels if you’re going to need to use them. Pack plenty of Glencroft Countrywear to ensure that you’re warm, comfortable and well protected during any activities you carry out.

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Make Sure Your Transportation is Up to Scratch

Of course, you’ll probably be travelling somewhere to camp – it’s unlikely you live somewhere where campsites are on your doorstep. So, you need to plan your transportation. If you drive, this is ideal, as again, you can distance from others effectively. Make sure that your vehicle is up to scratch. You may want to have it checked up on before driving any long distances. This will reduce your chances of breaking down or other problematic situations where you could find yourself having to share a vehicle with others.

These are a few tips and tricks that should help you to plan the perfect summer holiday with your little ones!

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