Covid 19 is still out there – Stop being Thick!

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Covid 19 is still out there – Stop being Thick!

This last week I have been staying with my Mum, I arrived here last wednesday after I had visited the supermarket around the corner to her…I went prepared as I have diabetes and am in the vulnerable catergory, along with my hubby and daughter Rosie and of course my Mum who recently celebrated her 90 birthday in January…so I need to protect them from germs and of course myself!

Being that we all are in the most vulnerable catergory, a few weeks back Freddy had ordered us some face masks, so that if we had to go out at all we would be protected…I had mine in my bag and some gloves and homemade antibac hand gel…when I arrived I wiped the handle of the trolley with the hand gel and a tissue just to be on the safe side!

covid19 gel mask

I thought the Supermarket would be reasonably empty…but intead there were hoards of people carrying on as if nothing was happening and what was really surprising was that no-one was distancing themselves from each other…I was also expecting to see people wearing masks, but there was no-one wearing anything…! Was this all just a bad dream??? Had I been dreaming about this new killer virus spreading the world? thing is I am a bit of a hermit anyway and I probably had been overdosing on the News of late..but come on folks!  this is SERIOUS!

As I was walking towards the door, my hands in plastic gloves and my mask at the ready, I did a quick scan of the doorway…no-one was wearing a mask!…A few feet in front of me and as I entered the shop I felt a sudden panic! a cold sweat came over me! surely I wasn’t the only one in Rainham to own a mask! I felt a bit embarrassed! apart from intentionally having bright red hair I am not one to draw attention to myself! (well in an affending people in the wrong way kinda thing!)


Then I gave myself a short sharp talk in my head…”you ARE doing the right thing, put your mask on! you’re family are the most important people in your life…protect them!” and with that I put my mask on and walked around getting my shopping (well what was left, so much was gone…empty shelves and everything!) so many people were laughing and pointing their fingers at me, I just couldn’t believe the attitude of some people.  I even told a woman who seemed to say I was ridiculous, that I was wearing it to protect my family, but I did wonder afterwards why I felt that I had to explain myself to her… Some people are so THICK!

When I got home to Mums house with the shopping and that evening, I developed a slight tickle in my throat…I have always suffered from phlegm anyway and put it down to that…I have now realised that I should of worn glasses with my mask as well to be properly protected…do that people!  A few days later I suffered from a slight sore throat, but nothing that bad…I have decided though to stay with Mum for 2 weeks to protect Freddy and Rosie…I have been gargling with salted pre boiled water to heal both conditions…this is always my go to remedy…it gets rid of phlegm and eases a sore throat.


Thankfully more people seem to be taking this whole thing a bit more seriously now, we have had Boris on the telly, telling us to Stay at Home! and now food shops are only letting a few people in at a time and making us wait in line at 2 meters apart (about time!) sadly though some people still don’t seem to be taking the advice and that makes me angry! still! its up to them aye! at least most of us are doing the best for our families and hopefully before not too long this will all be a distant dream.

May I just shout out to all the Brilliant people out there still working in vital jobs and all the hospital and NHS staff, the Carers, the Police men and women, the Fire Brigade and the Army…these people that are heroically keeping the cogs of the world turning…may I salute to all of you…YOU ROCK!


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  1. Trish
    20th April 2020 / 11:25 pm

    You do what makes you feel comfortable and safe Happy. Wearing a mask and glasses is not bad idea.
    stay well. xx

  2. Linsey milling
    6th April 2020 / 8:11 am

    You are the sensible one x

  3. 29th March 2020 / 2:00 pm

    Across the pond, people are just as thick! Bless you for being safe, especially
    for your Mother; my parents are 85 and 91 and I’m doing their shopping, then
    carrying provisions to them.

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