6 Features to Add to Your New Home

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Do you want to personalize your home and add some exciting features that make your environment unique? Discover some top features to add to your new home to personalize your space. Here are the six must-have features to add to your new home so that you can live in ultimate luxury. 

1. Air Conditioning 

When summer arrives, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing sleep and constantly feeling sweaty because of the heat. Fortunately, there are tons of air conditioning services to keep you cool. Opt for a company such as moncriefair.com, which also offers services for repairs and wear and tares so you can keep your air conditioning system in tip-top condition. By doing so, you can remain comfortable within your home, even when it is hot outside.

2. Personal Closet Spaces 

If you want to live a life of luxury, opt for a personal closet for you and your partner. This allows you both to have enough room for your belongings without having to share space. This is one of the most desirable features to add to your new home as it makes getting dressed more appealing and adds a sense of glamor to your property.  

You could even add a seating area so that you can relax with your partner when getting ready. This is a great way to get ready with friends, too.

 3. Heated Floors 

If your home isn’t carpeted, invest in heated floors to keep your feet toasty when you get out of bed in the morning. Update your bathroom with heated floors to add luxury to your home and prevent stepping onto a cold floor when you get out of the shower. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of heated flooring, for instance, you can live more comfortably, have improved airflow and also save energy. You can have underfloor heating on much lower than radiators, making it more eco-friendly. 

 4. Smart Appliances 

Technology is a huge part of our world, and many smart appliances can be integrated into your home to make your life easier and more organized. A high-tech security device includes cameras surrounding your home’s exterior and a screen where you can monitor what’s happening on your property. Many smart security devices include a microphone so you can speak with guests before they enter your property. 

Talk to your builder about adding smart lighting to your new home, too. This means lights automatically switch on and off when you enter and exit a room, saving you clicking a switch if you have your hands full.  

There are many smart kitchen gadgets to choose, too. For example, some refrigerators save your selection of food and drinks to a personalized shopping list, so you don’t have to do this yourself manually. 

5. Central Vacuum System 

Some new homes feature a central vacuum system that is a tubing system within the walls that collects dust and dirt. These systems add value to your home and make cleaning more convenient since you only have to attach your vacuum’s hose to the wall attachment. Alternatively, you can sweep dust and dirt into the hole without having to collect particles yourself.

6. Add Power Outlets Everywhere

Another luxury feature to add to your new home is outlets everywhere – including in drawers, under kitchen counters, in floors, and other spaces that are practical to your routine. Speak with your builder about places you wish to charge your devices that allow you to have your devices fully charged up for when you need them. You may also wish to add USB ports so you can charge all your devices at one time.

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