The Top Five Festival Essentials

Live music, long days and plenty of dancing – these can only mean one thing: we’re well into the festival season. Whether you’re heading to one that’s world-famous or to a smaller-scale event, you’re bound to be excited. 

But if you’re nervous about packing, don’t be! – to travel lightly and have a good time, you just need the following five things.



While this summer has been mostly hot, it’s also been wet in parts – and let’s not forget that you can’t really trust the British weather. So, if you’re heading to a UK festival, it’s crucial to pack your waterproofs. But this doesn’t mean that you have to cram your old raincoat into your rucksack. Alternatively, why not stay dry with a stylish Pac a Mac? Find a foldaway make, and you can minimise room in your bag and stay on trend. Arrive in your wellies, and you’ll be left with even more space for other essentials. 


Wash bag 

Ah, the washbag. Was there ever a more vital camping item? Before you start panicking about how you’ll fit your beauty products into your rucksack, take a deep breath and relax. Luckily, you won’t need to bother with any luxury beauty products, because really, you’ll just need the essentials. 

We’re talking toothbrush, paste, one bar of soap (yes, just one!), wet wipes and toilet roll. The latter will likely be the most critical, as you can never know when festival loos will run out of the stuff! Look for soap with nourishing properties – like honey and olive oil –to achieve hair that feels and looks conditioned throughout the festival. And of course, don’t forget to bring a towel! 

Sleeping kit 

It may sound like an obvious point to make, but what sleeping equipment you pack can massively affect your festival experience. Synthetic sleeping bags are usually the lightest available, meaning that they’re easier to carry and tend to guarantee a cooler night’s sleep. 

Given how hot this summer is shaping up to be, heat regulation at night is particularly important, especially if you’ll be staying in a tent. To create more space in your rucksack and feel comfortable while you’re sleeping, why don’t you invest in an inflatable pillow? 


Ear plugs and headphones 

We all need quiet sometimes, even if we’re at a festival. If you’ve been to one before, you’ll no doubt know this already – and if you haven’t, you’ll probably soon learn. Take a pair of earplugs with you, and you’ll be able to block out (or at least soften) loud noises when you need some time away from the hubbub. 

Likewise, why don’t you take your headphones with you? That way, if you want some “me time”, away from the festivities, you can escape through your own private disco; just pop your headphones in and sit back


Portable phone charger 

Ever gone away for a few days and realised, while unpacking, that you forgot your phone charger. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? But did you know that it’s one you can avoid entirely with a portable phone charger. Charge it fully before you leave, and you could be guaranteed to keep your mobile powered during the whole festival. 

Just make sure to look through product reviews to secure the most reliable model on the market. Invest in a portable phone charger, you won’t have to bother searching for a charging port in the main festival village, saving you both time and money. 

Once you’ve got the essentials, there’s nothing left to do but pack them into your rucksack. And after that, you can start the fun part of festival prep: deciding which acts you’ll see on which days, what you’ll eat and other festival perks you’ll enjoy.

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