7 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life 


Your home can quickly become your favourite place when you make it comfortable enough. Comfort is defined differently for each person, but it’s about creating an environment that you can connect with. Different things can influence how comfortable your house is, whether it’s the quality of your pillow or how warm your house is. It is also sometimes about your ability to make your space feel both fresh and vibrant. Here are seven ways that you can bring your home to life in case it’s something that you’ve been thinking about. 


Create More Space

For starters, if you want to bring your home to life, you should create more space. This is especially true if your home begins to feel cluttered and you have one too many things lying around. As a way of creating space, either get rid of items you don’t need or create more storage space. To do the latter, try options like creating a closet at the base of the staircase as well as building more shelving. A way to create space without building shelving would be by adding the right balance of furniture or choosing a more spacious layout. 


Change up the Décor 

Your décor can always be updated, even if you only implement the slightest changes. A simple décor idea to change your look is to get rid of any old and boring throw pillows and replace them with ones with more personality. If you have lampshades, why not try updating it to a patterned one, especially if your current lamp is plain or white. 

Add Some Vintage 

To give your home a traditional feel, you should add a touch of vintage to your home. Start with the kitchen and buy a few antique dishes which you can find at an antique shop or thrift store.  You can put them on the wall or use them as candle holders if you want to try something different. If you’re thinking of adding vintage furniture, then go for vinterior Eva chairs, a nanny rocking chair, or a treasured trinkets dresser. 

Get New Windows

Windows may not seem like that big of a deal, but they can help give your home an added sparkle. Aside from wiping your windows down, you can also add new curtains or blinds to make them sparkle. Check to see that the windows aren’t worn or cracked as that could result in energy loss as well as unwanted draughts. In the case that you decide your windows are old and could be replaced, look for a window installation service that can help you get some new ones. 

To maintain your windows, caulk them with a sealant if you notice gaps and replace weather stripping if need be. Check locks and latches to be sure they aren’t broken and be careful not to scratch the surface when cleaning them. 


Hang a Gallery Wall

If you have images that are hanging on different walls around the house, why not try bringing them together? You can do so by creating a gallery wall in which you cluster small photos and artworks. It can make a statement when it’s hung together, which can make your house look more interesting. 

In terms of how to hang wall art, usually it’s placed above a piece of furniture, and the bottom of your lowest frame should be positioned 5 to 8 inches above the top of the furniture. For those who would rather put their gallery wall on an empty wall, a rule of thumb is to hang it around 57 inches above the floor. 


Update Your Fixtures 

You’re likely to have a range of fixtures throughout your house. These could be in the kitchen and bathroom, for instance. If you’ve got any that are outdated or rusting, it may be time to update them. Also, make a note that upgrading your fixtures could add value to your home. 


Add New Lighting 

Presently, one of the themes in home décor is good lighting. You want to be sure that you have enough natural light coming in. Aside from natural light, place different levels of lighting around the house too. In the living room, you can install a dimmer to control the lighting or a striking light fixture to make a statement. 

It is important that your home is somewhere that you enjoy spending time and makes you feel relaxed. You also want it to be somewhere you’re excited about seeing, and all it takes at times is for you to add a few of the above changes.

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  1. 18th August 2019 / 1:39 am

    Thanks for the ideas! I just replaced a lamp on the table in the living room yesterday as I was just tired of the other one. I love to move and rearrange things, but the furniture is just too heavy these days.

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