Window Design Ideas, From Trendy to Mandatory

light bright windows

Whoever you are, wherever you live, one thing is always true: You want more windows. Natural light never goes out of style, and windows are beautiful and functional additions to any room. What’s more, there are dozens of types of windows — and millions of ways to dress them up — to ensure that the windows around your home are uniquely you.

Whether you need to replace your old, inefficient windows or you are looking for inspiration for treatments and decoration, this list should help you update your windows to suit your needs.

light bright windows

Efficiency, Efficiency

By far, the most important feature of any window, anywhere, is efficiency. Windows are weak points in a building’s envelope, meaning it is common and easy for air to pass through them, forcing your house to work harder to maintain internal temperature and humidity. Especially if you live somewhere warm and moist, like Tampa, you should consider home window replacement to update old, inefficient windows with newer models. Some high-efficiency features you should consider include wood or vinyl frames, double or triple panes, gas fills and low-e glass. You can find most any shape or size of window in high-efficiency styles, so there’s no reason not to replace outdated windows today.

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Bigger and Better

Natural light never goes out of style. You should always strive to make your windows look as big and open as possible, which typically means avoiding heavy window coverings like blackout curtains or plantation shutters. If possible, you should replace smaller windows with larger alternatives; because floor-to-ceiling windows are more affordable than ever, this is becoming a possibility for many homeowners. You might also install pass-through windows, like sliding arcadia doors or folding accordion-style doors, to add more natural light to you’re home through functional windows.

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Black and Blue 

Design is all about contrast — contrasting sizes, textures and, most importantly, colors. Because windows are most often light, you should strive to surround them with a small amount of dark to create a chic, modern look that draws the eye. Specifically, you should consider investing in windows with black frames or, if you have high-quality wood- or vinyl-framed windows, painting your current window frames black.  

However, it’s not a good idea to employ black window treatments, which are too large and heavy to provide interesting contrast. Instead, you should opt for a softer, more neutral tone — like blue. All shades of blue are rising in popularity for curtains and draperies, so you might experiment with navy, robin’s egg or aquamarine in your space.

light windows let in lots of light

Future Tech

These days, technology touches everything — even your windows. While you are busy installing smart speakers, smart locks and smart light bulbs around your home, you might also add tech to your windows and window treatments. There are a few window-related tech advancements to consider, including:

  • Smart glass. Using electricity, smart glass windows can switch from typical, clear windows to clouded privacy windows. This is especially useful if you enjoy the floor-to-ceiling look in rooms like your bedroom and bathroom, where you might not always want people to see in.
  • Smart shades. Smart shades will rise and fall at your command, especially if you have a smart home hub connected to them. These shades come in a variety of styles, and they tend to be a more affordable privacy option than smart glass.
  • Smart security. There are several smart security solutions to strengthen your windows against intruders. You might opt for tempered glass windows with security film, but you should also install smart security sensors on your windows, so you know when someone is trying to get in or out.

modern interior large window

Organic Materials

Alongside natural light and contrast, honesty-in-materials is another design principle that rarely goes out of style. This style involves showcasing materials as they naturally look, not hiding them behind paint or otherwise disguising or modifying them. You can apply honesty-in-materials to window décor by opting for natural, organic materials. Wooden window frames are more expensive, but they are also more effective at insulating and, when stained and sealed rather than painted, they can be striking. Additionally, you might opt for bamboo shades, undyed linen curtains or other natural treatments. 

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Your windows are significant features of your home — so why are you ignoring them in your interior design? It’s time you started thinking of your windows as elements of your home’s style, which means modifying them to suit your aesthetic needs.

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