Luxury Parts of the Algarve

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If you are looking for the perfect destination for a romantic getaway then you need look no further than the Algarve. This is a glamorous and exotic part of the world which is ideal for a luxury romantic break filled with sunshine, world-famous wine, tantalising cuisine, breathtaking natural scenery and much more.

The Beaches

The beaches are one of the biggest pulling factors for the Algarve. While it is true that many of these become overcrowded with families during the summer, there are many hidden gems which are ideal for couples looking for somewhere a bit quieter. This might require driving slightly out of town but it is all worth it for the stunning beaches and tranquility. You should also check out the hidden caves along the coast which can be discovered on a boat tour.

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Food & Wine

Portugal is world-famous for its food and wine which makes it a great place for a romantic getaway. There are many ways to indulge in the food and wine here, including food tours, vineyard excursions, wine tasting classes and cooking classes. The latter is a great activity to do with your partner and you could learn a new dish to dazzle your friends with when you return home and host your next dinner party.

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The Algarve also features all kinds of charming coastal towns and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Exploring these areas on a romantic stroll is the best way to see the area, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy spending time with your partner. It will also allow you to see the quieter areas of the area and escape the busier parts filled with families.

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If you and your partner enjoy golf or you are looking for a fun activity to try together then you are in luck at the Algarve which is known for its excellent golf courses. Enjoying a leisurely round of gold in the baking heat and on pristine courses surrounded by lush vegetation can be a lovely experience no matter your ability.

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Where you stay has an enormous impact on the vacation so you will want to choose carefully. As it is a romantic trip, your best bet is to find luxury villas in Portugal that you can rent for your vacation. This is ideal because it allows you to enjoy privacy and have a home away from home during your stay. This allows you to spend time simply lounging around the villa for times that you do not want to get out and explore.

The Algarve is the ideal place for a romantic getaway thanks to the landscape, weather, food and drink and areas for exploring. It can be busy with families but when you know the best places to go it will help you to enjoy the luxury that this beautiful part of the world can offer couples.

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