How to Make Holidays Fun For Kids

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Although holidays can often seem like a dream for both adults and children, kids can often become bored and irritable, especially if the attractions and events that you visit are catered towards the adults in your family. If you want to have a stress-free holiday with your children that everyone can enjoy, this guide will help you to make getaways fun for both you and the kids. 

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Child-Friendly Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation to adapt to the needs of your kids can often help you to entertain them and limit any boredom that they may feel. For instance, hotels can often be overcrowded and leave your children with nowhere to safely play during the day. Instead, you should consider choosing alternative accommodation options such as self-catered villas, which give you more space for your family to enjoy. Not only this, but kid-friendly accommodation often has exciting facilities that can entertain the children when you want to relax, such as outdoor pools. Family-friendly accommodation can usually be found in safe areas frequented by lots of tourists. James Villa Holidays provide a range of family-friendly accommodation for holidays in France, for example, among other destinations, with villas in Provence, Corsica and Cote d’Azur.

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Pick Kid-Friendly Locations

Another way to make your holidays fun for children is to choose child-friendly locations that both you and your children will love. For instance, known holiday resorts such as Orlando and the Algarve are perfect for families as they will have a range of entertainment especially for the age group of your children, such as mini golf, evening shows, and fairground attractions. If you choose family-friendly locations, you can make sure that you have fun too by finding a kid’s club that your children can take part in, or by alternating who chooses the activities that you do to ensure that everyone gets a choice of what you do during the holiday. 

However, kid-friendly locations do not have to be all theme parks and rides, and there are many locations which are perfect for families that have neither. These include cities such as Paris, which combine a haven for art lovers at the Louvre and the romance of the outdoor cafes with the excitement of nearby Disneyworld, and Lisbon, Portugal, where you can pair the pleasures of the historic district with the child-safe beaches and warm seas of the Atlantic ocean. 

Keep Your Child Safe

Child-friendly locations will often be safer than others as well, meaning that your children can explore the area more without worrying about their security in these areas. Although your child may not associate security with fun, ensuring that your child is safe can increase the enjoyment of your holiday by allowing your child increased freedom and by giving you the reassurance that you need. There are many steps that you need to take to protect your child’s safety on holiday, and these include getting the appropriate vaccinations before you leave, keeping them safe from the sun and potential medical risks and making sure that their passport and Visa information is updated.

Make Travel Fun 

One of the low points of the holiday for children (and everyone else!) are long trips on public transport. Children often become bored and fidgety on long journeys, and this can cause arguments and distress.  To make this process enjoyable,  how about getting in touch with a Limo find company so that you can travel in style to your destination (or part of it)…The kids will be entertained, have plenty of refreshments on board and will love the thrill of it!

You should try to limit your time travelling through choosing central accommodation and picking destinations with short flight times, even going on a staycation, travel is sometimes unavoidable. In these cases, you should make sure that you have ample entertainment for your children, such as films and television shows on a laptop or tablet, books and colouring pads, and travel games that the whole family can enjoy.

You should also make sure that you schedule in ample breaks for your children to stop them from growing bored or fidgety during the journey. If you are in a car, you can pair this with some sightseeing by exploring towns along the way to your destination. When travelling by plane, you should think about booking indirect flights if you are covering a considerable distance so that you can give your kids a break from flying, or even use the opportunity to explore a new country with a stayover.

Visit Family Attractions 

Although you might want to go trekking and sightseeing for the majority of your holiday, these activities can often be boring for children, and you should try and balance these excursions with family attractions such as theme parks and water parks. Not every family attraction can be expensive if you are worried about your budget, however, and there are plenty of cheap ways to entertain the children such as visiting a nature reserve or park or going to the beach or pool. This will help every member of your holiday to enjoy and get involved, as well as making sure that your children stay entertained throughout. 

Make Sightseeing Fun

Children can often become tired when sightseeing due to the amount of exercise and length of journeys that they will have to do. However, there are many ways to make sightseeing more enjoyable for children. For instance, many museums and nature reserves run schemes for children such as trials and activity booklets that can keep them engaged as you explore, and museums often have child-friendly information plaques for children to learn the more bizarre facts about history. You can also make sightseeing fun for children by finding interactive exhibits for children, teaching them off-beat and interesting facts as you explore, and visiting exciting sights, such as caves. You should also try to reduce the amount of time your children spend queuing or in direct sunlight as this is boring for children, and the effects of sunlight can make them incredibly ill for the rest of the holiday.

Although keeping your kids entertained on holiday can sometimes feel impossible, there are many ways to help them stay interested and energised throughout the day. From stopping for regular breaks to visiting their bucket list attractions, there is no reason why travelling with kids should be less fun than travelling without!

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