Everything You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Remodel Your Home

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Renovating either your entire property or just a portion is a lot of work. If you have lived in the property for years upon years, then you likely know what it needs and know how to make those improvements as quickly as possible. What might start off as a need to gut the entire kitchen and then open up the wall to make more space, instead turns into redesigning the space you have so that it is beautiful and more functional. 

If you have just moved in, however, you won’t know your home on that intimate of a level yet. You haven’t had time to process how you live in the space or what you need. To help you get to this level of intimacy after you first move in, wait until you can answer these three questions easily: 

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Have You Lived in It Long Enough? 

You should always wait a minimum of three months before you invest in any expensive or extensive renovations. Save this time to give your home a fresh coat of paint, a deep clean, and other small fixes. A great change to make right now is to find some beautiful and unique fixtures to install around the house. Features like knobs, lights, and taps can instantly change the effect of a room and help you see yourself in the space. 

Another reason for waiting before you commit to any big renovation is that we have a penchant for making unnecessary changes when we don’t see ourselves in the space. What this means is that so long as your belongings are packed away you will see your home as something “other” than yours. By waiting, unpacking, and designing your home with what you already have, you can look at the changes that are needed objectively. 

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Is It That You Don’t Have Enough Space, Or Too Much Stuff?

If you are looking to remodel because you don’t have enough space for all your belongings the question you need to ask yourself is if it is necessary. Go through and be very harsh when picking what can stay and what should go. In essence, the items you keep should bring you joy, or be used on a regular basis.

That means that kayak you bought five years ago and used once is better left being sold. When you need a kayak in the future, just rent it out, because in the long run that is the more economical and space-saving way to enjoy a hobby you don’t often partake in. 

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Does Your Kitchen or Bathroom Just Need a Good Facelift?

Finally, the last thing you need to ask yourself before committing to a remodel is how much is necessary. What might seem like a small kitchen is just a poorly planned kitchen, for example. So long as you keep the floor plan you can enjoy a beautiful kitchen and bath remodeling project that gets finished fast so you aren’t left out in the cold. 

Renovating a home is a big deal, which is always why you want to be 100% positive about the changes that are needed. Waiting will help make your design more practical, beautiful, and give you time to save up.

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  1. 19th July 2019 / 12:54 am

    good one! In 2017 we renovated a part of our house, that was a pain!

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