A Mini-Break to the Netherlands

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Planning a mini-break? There are many lovely spots all around Europe for a short break away but one of the best and somewhere that everyone should visit at some point in their life is Holland. People immediately think about Amsterdam when they think of the Netherlands and – although a terrific city – there is much more to Holland than this.

Here are a few of the best highlights for a mini-break to the Netherlands.

canals in Holland

Amsterdam Canals

You cannot come to Holland without visiting Amsterdam which is the cultural hub of the nation. There are many things to see and do in Amsterdam but exploring the canals should be top of your list. There is nothing quite like meandering down the pretty canals in a boat taking in the sights and seeing the locals live their daily lives.

Zaanse Schans

Visiting Zaanse Schans is like stepping back in time as it is a region that gives you a glimpse into 18th century Holland with beautiful windmills, wooden houses, sawmills and much more to discover. 


Nature lovers will adore Keukenhof which is also known as the Garden of Europe. It is the largest public garden in the world spanning a staggering 70 acres and here is a great place to see the iconic colourful Tulip flowers which are synonymous with Holland. It is also somewhere with exhibitions, restaurants and more so you can easily spend a whole day here. One of the best ways to see the Garden of Europe and a handful of other highlights is with a tour organised by a specialist like Exodus.

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Along with tulips and windmills, Holland is synonymous with cheese so it is a great place to come if you like the yellow stuff. There are many great places around the Netherlands to sample the local produce, including the town of Edam which is famous for Edam cheese which is known for its orange rind and round shape. It is also a picturesque town with plenty to keep you entertained during your visit.

Kinderdijk beautiful windmills


This small village is found along the River Noord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the mesmerising 19 windmills found here which date back to the early 1700s and they are a breathtaking sight to behold – be sure to pack your camera!

Holland is the perfect place for a mini-break and there is much more to see than Amsterdam (although you should visit here too!). It is a beautiful land with great scenery, charming villages, friendly locals and plenty to see and do no matter where you are. It is sure to be a special trip that will provide many happy memories and show you the true heart and soul of the Netherlands.

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