Keeping Your House Cool In The Heat

colonial verander with hanging chairs

colonial verander with hanging chairs

When the weather starts to get more beautiful outside, we will naturally want to make the most of our garden spaces and indulge in those fun-filled spring and summer day-outs. Having said this, we can’t avoid spending time in the house altogether so if your unlucky enough to have a house that just can’t stay cool this might be a bit of a problem. It’s a real pain when you’re just trying to relax, sleep or do chores inside and just can’t get comfortable. Rest assured, there are things you can do to make sure your house stays as cool as possible in the hot weather.

summer barbequeing

pretty summer barbeque

BBQ parties

If you can avoid using the oven inside as much as you can, then you can stop your house from getting even hotter! This is a perfect excuse to cook outside a little more and throw a BBQ party (or two) for your family and friends. If you can reduce your use of other forms of electricity also; from lights to the television and computers, then you will be going greener, saving money and also keeping your house cool.

modern decor with white venetian blinds

modern decor with white venetian blinds

Ditch the curtains

During the hotter months, it is better to ditch those thicker curtains that keep the heat in and go for venetian blinds instead. You can keep your blinds partially shut for those parts of the day whereby the sun is beaming down on your windows and thus avoid your rooms quickly becoming a greenhouse due to wide open curtains. While you are at it, make sure that you open the windows (or doors) at both ends of your house to ventilate everything properly.

cool cotton bedding

Don’t forget your bedding

Make sure that you change your winter bedding for something much thinner and lighter; cotton materials are better when you are trying to reduce your temperature. If you can, sleep closer to the floor, as heat rises (low mats on the floor will be useful if it all gets too much!) As well as this, it’s a good idea to put smooth white covers over all of your furniture so that it does not attract too much heat during the day.

Fans and AC

Fans are the perfect investment for your house that will make it easier to sleep and to relax in your home. If you don’t have any so far, there are a range of options and sizes out there depending on your needs, and you won’t break the bank by investing here. If you have ceiling fans, it’s better to set them to rotate counter-clockwise when the weather is hot. Though fans will do the trick, air-conditioning units are a far more effective way to keep cool in your house so if your unit is busted it’s well worth getting an AC repair company to come and help you get back up and running.

If you get yourself prepared with a few hacks and maintenance issues around your house, before the weather hits peak-heat, you’ll have more time to get comfortable and relax. This way, you can enjoy the heat without breaking too much of a sweat.

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