The Secret to Uncovering the Real Norway

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When people think of European travel destinations, Norway is not the first place that pops into their mind. But, it is a destination that is growing in popularity. Last year, nearly 10 million visitors stayed there.

It is an easy country to travel to. If travelling to Norway you should update your routine vaccines. Most people keep these up to date anyway, so they will not have to suffer through a long list of injections before they travel.

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Norway has an excellent healthcare service. Although medical care is not cheap, so you will need to buy travel insurance. European travellers can get emergency treatment and use their EHIC cards to get a refund of most costs. But, the bill for repatriation to your home country is not covered. So, even if you have a valid EHIC card, travel insurance is still essential.

Most people head straight to Oslo when they visit Norway. This is understandable it is the capital, so offers plenty to do and see. For example, Oslo has more than a hundred museums.

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There are more than 30 organised tours to enjoy including a few that take you outside the city’s boundaries. So, Oslo can be a good base from which to explore the country. For example, if you want to see the Fjords you just need to take a 2-hour cruise to be able to do so.

A visit to the Viking Ship Museum is a must and spending an hour or two in Vigeland Park is also worth doing. In the summer it is, possible to visit The Royal Palace.

graffitti in Oslo

You could spend years visiting Oslo and still not see all of the sights and visit all of the museums, galleries, theatres and other cultural venues. So, it is worth spending a bit of time online drawing up a list of what you want to see and do, while you are there. Often booking in advance or buying one of the city’s tourist passes will save you a lot of money.

The currency of Norway is the Norwegian Krone. So, before deciding what to book in advance check the exchange rate and buy your advance tickets when the rate is at its most favourable.

house in norway

However, if cities are not for you, do not worry because there are plenty of rural places to stay. Norwegians like to welcome people into their homes. So, it is not hard to find a family to stay with. You can find out about most of these homestay schemes online. It is easy to find a list of farmers who welcome people into their homes.

stay on a farm in norway

Usually, provided you speak English, there is no language barrier. The most recent research shows that around 90% of Norwegians speak very good English. Plus, in tourist areas most menus are dual language.

Regardless of the time of year you plan to travel to Norway, you will need a good coat. Even in the summer it gets pretty cold when it rains. During the winter, the temperatures frequently drop below freezing, which is something you need to be prepared for.

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