Saving for a family holiday? Try some of these cash saving tips

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It’s that time of year already! We’re all thinking about our summer holidays and how and where we’re going to spend at least two weeks getting away from it all, either with friends, family, or even a little break enjoying our own company. Whether you’re planning a family getaway in sunnier climes or you’re thinking of a camping holiday somewhere in the UK, having the funds to turn your dreams into a reality is usually the biggest hurdle we face. It’s times like this that we wish a long lost relative would appear and bestow all their riches and investments to us – check out this site for more information on investments – however, it’s not always that easy!

With all this in mind, I’ve come up with 4 ways you can try and save a little extra cash towards your holiday, or even some extra money to spend while you’re getting away from it all. Enjoy!

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Check your wardrobe

It’s pretty customary to head to the shops before your holiday and spoil yourself and the kids to a whole new wardrobe! It’s always exciting and something I also enjoyed; hunting for new tops and dresses, summer hats and flip flops… However, before you burn a hole in your debit card, it’s worth checking the back of your wardrobe and your drawers to see what you already have! Summer clothes and accessories like sunglasses and hats often get pushed to the back of the cupboard and get lost under all those heavy winter clothes. So, have a good look of what could be used again this year – anything the older kids have grown out of could be perfect for the littler ones.

Anything that doesn’t fit or no longer appeals to you, try and sell it online for a little extra cash! Or even try doing a Bootfair, I am sorting out this week to hopefully do one this coming Bank Holiday weekend, weather permitting!


Say goodbye to your subscriptions

There’s a lot of good TV out there, granted. But with so many subscription packages available do we really need them all? Consider getting rid of them all or downsizing to the cheapest one during the run up to your holiday. Sure it might only be a few pounds here and there, but that’s an afternoon tea and a gorgeous café, or some extra ice creams for the kids at the beach. Every little helps.

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Do lots of free things

With the warmer weather already upon us, it’s normal to want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, but if you opt for activities that are free then you can have the best of both worlds. Go for long walks with the kids, or head to museums that have free exhibitions or places of interest that request a donation rather than a steep entry fee.

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Plan your weekly expenditure

Work out what you need to spend during the week e.g. fuel costs, food shopping, school trips etc and then stick to your budget. Try to keep it as low as possible and try to eat in more and avoid expensive coffee shops!

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