Dressing your Man through the Summer

buying clothes for your man

With the warm weather nearly upon us, now, is a good time to update everyone’s wardrobe. Including the men in your life, especially if they do not like going shopping themselves.  With this in mind, I took a look at jacamo.co.uk to see what is currently available. Over the years, Freddy has bought some great clothes from there, and I know they offer a pretty good level of choice. So, that retailer’s site seemed like a good place to pick up some suggestions for this summer menswear article.

mens summer shirt trends

New style shorts

There are some great shorts available, right now. Most of the larger retailers are already stocking the new cuts.  This year, cargo and chino shorts are set to be the main trend. I suspect they will be popular, partly because they are such a practical choice.

If your man usually prefers to wear lightweight summer clothing, it is worth taking a look at board and bounce shorts instead. Apparently, according to the fashion press the other big trend for men this year is short shorts. Only time will see if that particular trend makes its way from the catwalk and into High Street stores.

jacamo t-shirt trends 2019

2019 men’s t-shirt trends

No man’s summer wardrobe would be complete without a stack of t-shirts. They look great, keep you cool and can be worn for everything from going to the gym to lounging around on the beach.

This year’s t-shirts are definitely more colourful. It looks like striped tees are set to be a big trend. They were very popular in the 80s and are just one of the designs retailers have borrowed from that era, for this summer.

mens summer trends 2019Photo by Brunel Johnson on Unsplash

Shirt trends

Big and bold patterned shirts are set to be widely available for both men and women. Although, for those who do not like to wear anything too bright there are still plenty of plain and more muted patterns available.

Keep an eye out for shirts that are made from natural fabrics. More clothing manufacturers are tapping into the fact people want to buy more environmentally friendly products. So, finding shirts made from linen, hemp and bamboo is far easier than it used to be.  This is good news for the planet, but also for us because wearing these natural fabrics enables your skin to breathe. So, it is easier to stay cool and comfortable in the warm weather.

hiking sandlesPhoto by Ben White

Hiking sandals

I am not sure about this trend, but when it comes to footwear, hiking trainers are the main trend for spring and summer 2019. They may not look fantastic, but these open strapped sandals will be comfortable if this year’s summer is anywhere near as hot as the last one was.

If your man is going to actually wear them for hiking it is worth reading this article. It explains how to buy a pair of sandals that are safe, comfortable and durable enough to wear while walking over relatively rough terrain.

harajuku street style

Some inspiration for the man who does not want to follow the crowd

The above are the main menswear summer fashion trends. Items most men are likely to be wearing. But, not everyone likes to follow the trend.  Go with the basic trends and tweak it a bit with you’re own ideas, that way you will always have your own take on any current look!

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