Finishing Touches That Tie a Room Together

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There are lots of aspects that go into decorating a room. There are the more obvious elements like the wall colour, flooring and furniture, but equally important is the finishing touches. This is an area that is sometimes overlooked but can have a huge impact as they tie a room together and help it to look much more complete. This will give the room the look as if it has been decorated by a professional and create a stylish yet welcoming space.

Here are a few examples of finishing touches which can make a huge difference to a room.

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Lighting is an area often overlooked when it comes to interior design but it can play a pivotal role in how a room both looks and feels. If the room is filled with moodier, darker colours then good lighting can really finish off the look through creating contrasts particularly through the use of pendant lighting.

Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers are a great way to bring in both colour and life to a room which can make it more vibrant, colourful and welcoming. Not only this, but having plant life in the home is proven to have mental health benefits too.

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Personal Objects & Artwork

It does not matter how well a room is decorated – if it does not have personal objects it will feel like a hotel room. Add personality through photographs, ornaments and anything that feels personal to you. This can add visual appeal while also making the space more welcoming to you and others.


Curtains and blinds do much more than just block out the outside world. They can inject colour and style into a room which means that bold colours or patterns can work well in otherwise neutral rooms. Places like Swift Direct Blinds carry a wide range so you should easily be able to find some that will work well in the room that you are decorating.

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Similarly, rugs serve more than one purpose and can help pull together different elements of a room through the use of colour, texture and style. Rugs are also an effective tool in interior design for adding depth as your eyes will naturally follow the colour/pattern through to the end.

Throws & Cushions

Throws and cushions can add colour and texture and help pull together a look to finish off a room. Bold pieces can work very well in neutral rooms and add a healthy dose of style along with warmth and comfort.

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These are just a few examples of finishing touches which can really tie a room together and give it a professionally designed look. These finishing touches are just as important as the major features of interior design and can help anyone to create a stylish, welcoming and comfortable room which is a reflection of their personality.

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