How to Feel Like a First Class Traveller

When we go on holiday, we can sometimes worry about the stress of it before we get there. From booking to boarding it can seem stressful, and all we really want is, How to feel like a first class traveller and have all that first class luxury we read about all the time However, just because you aren’t flying first class, doesn’t mean it can’t feel that way. Below, we’ve highlighted a few ways to make your journey feel luxurious and fabulous from your home to the sky.

Start When You Leave Home

Getting to the airport can often be a little stressful, arranging a driver or driving yourself. Take the stress out of this by taking express train services to the airport. This may sound pricey, but with a number of off peak tickets available you should be able to get a good price, and even enjoy a sit-down and a drink before you arrive at the airport.

Continue at the Airport

Once you get to the airport and you’ve checked your items, you don’t want to go rushing around for a seat in a corner while drinking a tea and eating a packaged sandwich. Instead pre-book an airport lounge, where you’ll feel like you’re living the first-class life as you eat, drink and sit comfortably. Many places even have all you can eat and drink options too.

The Right Seat

When booking your space on the flight, try and make sure you have the aisle seat. This will not only make sure you’re not crammed into the middle of two people you may not know but will afford you with that extra spot of leg room, and easy access to the toilets.

Those Personal Touches

One thing about first class that we may have heard of is all the little extras they get. While you won’t have these provided in economy, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them, but it does mean you’ll have to bring your own. From a comfy pillow or neck rest to earbuds, a blanket and even something to cover your eyes, make sure you feel super comfy all the way without any additional expense.


When you leave the house, don’t wear your comfy clothes. Instead, dress for the occasion and make the thought of going on holiday feel a little glamorous. This will make you feel wonderful as you travel to the airport, wait and then board. However, you can pack nice, comfy loungewear that you can change into in the air, so you have absolute comfort the whole way.

Fine Flight Dining

While booking an in-flight meal you’ll probably be thinking about what the plane food will be like. While it won’t be caviar and canapes, you’ll still get something nice enough to eat while on the place. However, don’t let this food define your journey, and don’t pay out of the nose for snacks on board. Instead, bring your favourite foods with you that you can buy at the airport for that extra fancy food feeling.

Hope these tips will help you the next time you fly…
Do you have any advice you can share?

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