New Year Resolution Health Check

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New Years Eve is an odd one. Every year, I remind myself that a leopard doesn’t change its spots. There’s no point in announcing life changing big decisions without first having that feeling of momentum to make sure you can see your plans through to the bitter end. The act of saying “I will” ultimately means nothing without some kind of motivation in place, and once you’ve announced your New Year resolution plans, you only stand to look silly after dipping a toe into those plans and giving up before the date in January so much as reaches double figures. But, having said that, there I stand, every year, as the clock counts down, despite myself, deciding to do better and be better and achieve more. Hmm. Time for a New Year resolution health check.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Get Your Debt Ducks in a Line

Debt is the monkey on most of our backs. Life costs too much. If you want things now without first having worked for a lifetime to save up the requisite readies, you’re going to need credit. Speaking from experience, credit cards and loans can mount up, leaving you with the feeling that you’ve backed yourself into a corner as your monthly disposable income dwindles to buying ‘own brand’ coffee in the week before payday. But help and advice is available. Now, I know, free advice isn’t the same as free money. But advice can help you to make achievable plans, giving you a light at the end of the tunnel to aim for. Try creditfix for expert guidance on making better financial decisions – there’s still time this year to make very decent headway towards resolving difficult financial matters, before New Year comes back around and you get that sinking feeling that another year has passed by. Act now. You can do this!

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Health & Fitness & Mind & Diet

This is a collective biggy. Why? Because your diet is more than just what you eat at your desk for elevenses and more than the odd tasty snack you avoid putting in your mouth on the weekend. Diet is mindset. Diet is a second job. Diet involves exercise, exercise needs time, and time planning means rearranging your whole lifestyle. If, like countless other people at New Year, you resolved to lose weight and get in shape, you probably failed. That’s because the problem is much wider than switching to lower calorie soup for lunch. Get a ‘fitness’ hobby that requires new clothing. Get a friend involved. It could be indoor climbing or a running club or yoga or anything that you fancy – the important thing is to have set times. Set times gives you a weekly timeframe, which means you’re held accountable for your fitness every 7 days. That’ll spur on dietary changes and reorder your mindset.


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Call Time on Wasting Time

One of the most common New Year resolutions is spending more time with family and friends. Afterall, you weren’t put here to pay bills and die, although it can feel that way sometimes. My advice is simple. Involve your family and your friends with your fitness and diet plan. Group activities and group dining are fantastic ways to kill two birds with one stone. Start planning to stack your plans today to mix family time with your health and fitness regime for a fuller and more rewarding life that brings you closer to the people who make you tick.


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