How to Plan a Holiday to the Dead Sea with Children

There are many reasons why the Dead Sea should be on your list of places to visit. It is not only one of the saltiest bodies of water, but it is also among the most beautiful in the world. The destination has a lot to offer too, including spa treatments and the healing properties of its natural salt and mud.

However, the Dead Sea is also one of the hottest places on earth, which is why many with children are hesitating when it comes to visiting this gorgeous destination. Should you visit the Dead Sea with the kids? With a bit of planning, you can actually have a great trip to this magical place.

Dead Sea Resorts

The hotels resorts near the Dead Sea are well-equipped with amenities that will pamper you and the kids to the max. The best Dead Sea hotels also have facilities to keep children entertained, including swimming pools and play areas for them to explore.

What you want to do is book a hotel or a resort close to most – if not all – of the attractions you want to visit. This way, you can take short breaks in between adventures to interesting places and let the children cool down a little bit.

There are also resorts with private beaches or direct access to one of the beautiful Dead Sea beaches, which means you can still enjoy a relaxing day at the beach and floating in the Dead Sea without travelling far. There are even Dead Sea salt and mud spa treatments to try.

Manage Your Itinerary

Some attractions near the Dead Sea can be pretty challenging, but most of them are still suitable for children. The Masada fortress, for example, may seem intense at first, but you can now take the kids on a cable car ride to the summit, which is a lot of funon its own.

There are a lot of great attractions to visit, but don’t let the variety tempt you. Instead of packing all of them into a relatively short trip, arrange your itinerary so you can afford to take longer breaks in between short trips to nearby attractions.

The children will appreciate the breaks too. You can go on short walks and sample local cuisines or simply spend time in the hotel before preparing for the next item in your itinerary.

Explore Other Places

Both Jordan and Israel have other interesting places to explore, especially when you are travelling with the children. The Wadi Rum desert, the Red Sea, and the famous Dana Biosphere Reserve are all filled with great things that the children will enjoy exploring.

Even the simplest activities can be fun for the kids. Floating in the Dead Sea is one activity that you absolutely need to try just for the sensation of it. The kids can also benefit from the health and healing properties of Dead Sea salt and mud.

So, should you visit the Dead Sea with the children? Now that you know how to prepare for the trip better, the answer to that question is a definite YES.


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