How to Hide a Water Tank in Your Garden

vintage watering cans

I have been looking for a larger water butt lately, because rainwater is the best for our plants and did you know that tap water has chlorine and all sorts of other chemicals in it? that’s why when you water the plants in the heat you see white drip marks over them…the sun dries the chlorine onto the leaves and therefore makes those marks!

So I was doing a little research on the internet, as you do!…and found rainwater tanks!

steel water tanks

These are the kind of water tanks I would love in my garden if I had the space!

Aren’t these just the best! I suppose here in Great Britain, (although known for lots of rain) we don’t get the monsoon type weather that you do in some parts of the world, but oh if we did, I would definitely get myself one of these…

When we had our heatwave through the summer and then we had that week of rain! I scattered plenty of old watering cans and buckets all around the garden to catch as much of the rainwater as I could…So if you are lucky enough to have set up a water tank in your garden and happen to know “How is rainwater harvesting is useful?” then one major concern might be :-

rusty old milk churns

…How your tank can be hidden from view!

Fortunately, there are many ways to hide a water tank, it just takes a little imagination and you could turn your tank into a lovely feature in your garden…Here are a few ideas listed below :-


There are two ways in which you can make the tank look not too obvious and part of the surrounding area…The first is by painting it a similar colour to the decor that surrounds it. So for example, if your slimline tank is set up against a wall painted a shade of blue then paint the tank that exact shade of blue.

Mary Jordan The Water Tank Project


Another way to ensure the tank fits in with your surroundings, is to buy a green one or a steel one (like in the picture above)…the green one will blend into the garden shrubs very nicely and the more trendsetting steel varieties will stick out like a sore thumb, but will become more of a feature looking all industrial.

screening off a water tank



If it so happens that the tank you’ve chosen to get or one that you have had for quite some time now is difficult to camouflage for some reason, consider its complete concealment altogether. An encasement or screen is an amazing way to ensure the tank’s accessibility whilst blocking it from sight.

A decorative metal screen makes for a stunning backdrop in the garden as it comes in a wide range of colours, finishes, or patterns. Not only that, it keeps pets and kids away from the tank and the pump near it. Therefore, it can be an amazing encasement for your rainwater tank.

old shutters garden screening


Refresh the Tank’s Look

A lot of homeowners do not like the sight of water tanks since they are boring-looking items and there isn’t much that can be done with it. That said, it’s important that the new appearance should be an amazing one.

One of the best ways to give your tank a brand new look is by building a garden around your tank so it blends in perfectly!…this is a brilliant excuse to buy more plants! hehehe…there’s a method in my madness!

building a garden around your water butt


Building a Vertical Garden on The Tank

A variation of the above is building a vertical garden on the actual water tank itself. A vertical garden is a series of plants grown on a wall instead of a plant box or rows of plant boxes. 

Building a vertical garden on your water tank requires special planters that you lock together and fix to the body of your tank. Once fixed and planted up, your tank will be a delightful addition to your garden.

Living wall beautiful colours


Decorate the Tank

Yet another way to turn the tank into a part of the garden is by decorating it. One way to decorate your water tank is by painting a mural on it. Painting a mural on your rainwater tank (or other ways of decorating the tank) is a way of telling others that you acknowledge that you have a tank in your home, but rather than see it as one of the worst parts of the house, you see it as a place for creativity and expression.

If you have a water tank in your garden, or are about to purchase one, I hope I have given you some ideas here…

And do let me know what you have done with yours…

Love Happy x


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