5 Tips to buying the perfect armchair for your home

 modern green mid century armchair and footstool

Designing the interior of your home will not be complete without buying the perfect armchair. Whether you intend to use it as an accent to your living room, or around your dining room table, or even as an office chair, you will definitely want to know how to pick the best one. In this article we’ll help you find the best armchair for your home. We’ll give you tips to consider so that you’ll end up with a piece that’s a great addition to your home. Read on to find more!

modern mid century armchair

1. Get the right size

Before you head out to the furniture store, measure the space where you intend to place your new armchair. Nothing sucks more than finding out that the furniture you bought doesn’t fit your space! It’s easy to assume that armchairs are generally just a small accent to your living area. But you’ve got to consider the bigger picture too and see if the height and area of the chair would fit your existing living room. Consider the size of the room, and how big the other furnishings are. If the armchair is for your dining table, consider the measurements of the table. Same goes for an office chair, you wouldn’t want an armchair you can’t tuck under your desk!

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2. Get the right style

Even if you’re just dressing a small table in your home office, getting the right style is important in creating a cohesive look for your room. You’d think an armchair is just a small part of it, but actually that small detail counts. You want something that not only matches the other furniture in your room, but also reflects your personality and style. The colors, patterns and fabric all play a big role in defining your area.

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3. Consider your other furniture

As mentioned in the previous tips, the overall look is important. If you’re dressing up your living room, get something that matches your existing living set. If you’re looking for an accent chair, then you might want to get something with a different body, a tall backrest, and bold fabric. Armchairs for the dining area should also be consistent with the theme of the place, especially the dining table. Is it made of wood, glass or something else? The big picture is an important consideration in choosing the right armchair.

modern mid century designer armchair

4. Choose comfort

You know where to put your armchair, what it must look like and how it must blend with the other furnishings. But don’t forget to consider that it has to be comfortable too. Imagine what you’ll be doing on it most of the time. Is it for reading, for working, or for eating? The purpose of the chair helps you define some comfort levels for it. For instance, an office chair must have ergonomic features such as back support, recliner, or maybe even swivel feet. Accent chairs for reading must be firm and cozy. Dining chairs must be cushioned well and easily lifted because it’s going to be pulled in and out often. Your comfort is important in choosing an armchair otherwise it’ll end up as just decoration.

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5. Consider quality and longevity

Before taking that armchair home, consider the quality and materials it’s made of. Make sure it will stand the test of time and won’t break on you in a matter of months. Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier about the materials used. What type of wood, what kind of cushioning, what kind of fabric and so on. You’re concerned about quality and that’s valid. Be thorough about inspecting your armchair before purchasing it. Know what the frame is made of, and consider the upholstery too. It must be easy to maintain and clean especially when it comes to spills and stains.

Hope this helps you in choosing a new piece of furniture…


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