ASOS praised for Wheelchair Friendly Clothing

Asos praised for wheelchair friendly clothing
ASOS praised for Wheelchair Friendly Clothing.

I am so over the moon regarding ASOS UK and this lovely gal, Chloe Ball-Hopkins At last a company after my own heart! Yes indeedy and about time too! Chloe, a Paralympic athlete for Team GB and reporter for BBC Bristol Sport has teamed up with ASOS to create this lovely tie dye all in one Jumpsuit, to have a look click on this link ASOS UK pefect for wheelchair users and non wheelchair users alike…

Chloe Ball-Hopkins teamed up with ASOS

I am so happy that finally a company has done this…I mean we have come so far regarding all ethnicities in the modelling world! and that is the ‘norm’ now which is cool!…so why not disabled people! Personally I don’t like to say the word disabled! I like the word Superhumans, like in this advert … but at the end of the day! we all wear clothes and seeing clothes worn by all types of people is very helpful when buying online!

As most of you know, my hubby is in a wheelchair and can’t walk at all! this makes it really difficult for him to buy clothes, he is a big lad anyway, but has to buy even bigger clothes to allow for comfort and manoeuvrability when sliding across to chairs etc.

Everyday he has a new challenge, just coping with everyday life is such a struggle.  Some days he comes home so depressed, just trying to get from A to B, especially with some peoples’s a joke! I really do hope this is something we are going to see more of and that it’s not just a 5 minute fad!

fashion models in wheelchairs
look here

When we visited the Chelsea Flower show a month of two ago, he had a lot of problems moving about in his electric wheelchair, due to uneven surfaces,  although I helped him manage, it was a bit of a struggle for him…the shopping area was not suitable at all for anyone that has limitations…every single shopping stand had 3 steps upto them…(do event organisers not realise that not everyone is able to climb steps!)…which really made me mad!

There was one stall that sold lovely linens and leathers for gardeners and artists, I stepped up to the platform and handed Freddy the wares.  Something that he really liked was a very wide blue cotton smock…perfect for wearing when he gets creative…but although it would of fitted him, had he been able to stand up; it’s a whole different kettle of fish when you are sitting down! and it just didn’t look right on him!

models in wheelchairs showing clothes for wheelchair users
check out this article…its so cool!

Although I have gone all around the houses on this subject! do you see what I mean?  when you live your life sitting down, it is nice to see clothes that you want to buy on people doing the same…it shows you another angle rather than just standing or walking…

As I said before I really do hope this catches on with retailers everywhere…As it will surely make a big diference to the evergrowing Superhuman population out there…They are getting out and about with better equipement (Thank Heavens!) and they have money to spend too…so for goodness sake get this sorted and let this be the ‘Norm’ because these people are Brilliant!

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  1. Bee Lady
    8th August 2018 / 8:37 am

    I learned more of the struggles of people in wheelchairs when I ran the community garden. We had a volunteer who was superhuman and she would depend on someone else to get her up and help her get dressed. That alone gave me a lot to think about. But I never thought about the clothes. So glad someone is doing something about it. I hope she is a huge success! Cindy

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