Mantelpiece Makeover: Rekindling Your Fireplace


We are having to put Spring on hold at the moment! what with all this Siberian weather we are having, so I thought I would write about Fireplaces…just in case you were thinking about getting a new one or rekindling your old one! Hell’s Bell’s we have got to keep warm somehow haven’t we! just when I thought it was safe to think about Spring too!…

So…being made from mere bricks and mortar, most homes aren’t built to last forever. Of course, builders and architects work incredibly hard to design and create buildings which will stand the test of time, lasting long into the future. Being limited by the materials they use, though, work will always have to be done keep things in the best shape. Each part of your home will require different kinds of attention. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the fireplace, and what you can do to bring yours into the modern era.


A New Face

Before you start to make changes to something like this in your home, it’s always worth considering the sort of impact it will have. In the case of a mantelpiece, this will often either be in a bedroom or the lounge, taking up a huge portion of one of the walls. This means that it will often be the most imposing part of the space, and you can have a huge impact with some subtle changes to its appearance. Adding decorations, like ornaments and photos, will give your fireplace a lot of life, sparking a unique feel. Along with this, though, you could consider some bigger alterations for this part of your home.


In most cases, a fireplace will be made from wood, stone, or a combination of the two, giving you loads of room to make it look a lot different. Wood can be sanded down and treated with stain or a natural finish over the course of a day or two, and anyone can do this sort of work. Stone can be polished and buffed, making it look like new, while also keeping it nice and clean. For those looking for even greater change, entirely new mantelpieces can be bought and installed to replace what you already have, and most people will be able to complete this sort of job with the help of a friend.


A New Fuel

Once you’ve done everything you can to the external features of the fireplace, it will be time to start on the system which keeps it all going. In recent years, open fires have become less and less popular, with people veering towards enclosed stove-like options, instead. One of the main benefits of an example like this is the flexibility it can provide. Thanks to the control they give you, a fire like this can accept both wood and coal, making it perfect for those who like to buy whatever is cheapest at the time.


Solid fuels always burn with a lot of smoke, forcing you to keep a chimney maintained if you want to use it. Thankfully, nowadays, there are options which can help you to avoid this sort of issue. Gas is much cleaner when it burns than something solid. Producing nearly no smoke or smell, while making the place nice and toasty, this sort of tool is perfect for large buildings. Of course, when you have something like this, you have to have additional gas detectors to make sure that nothing is harming your loved ones.


For the safest option of all of these, electricity doesn’t pose many risks at all. Heaters like this are a little more expensive to buy and to run than their alternatives, and probably won’t heat the place as well as a result. In return for these compromises, though, you will be given an extremely safe way to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without having the risk that it will spit out a burning ember. When you have children or a lot of fragile possessions, it can be worth working hard to protect them them in places like these.

Keeping It Traditional

Keeping the fire roaring throughout the entirety of winter will cost a small fortune unless it is handled correctly. There are loads of methods, both the traditional and the new, which are designed to make the heat of a radiator or fire last as long as possible. Cement or metal balls are a great example of this. When the fire is lit, they will get hotter and hotter, slowly adding to the heat of the flames. When the flames disappear, the heat within the metal or stone will remain, continuing to heat the home going into the near future.


Nowadays, people aren’t using the older options very much, but this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore them entirely. Heat logs are a great modern take on a cannon ball in the fire. Being able to burn for hours on end, this sort of product is great for homes run by busy people. Of course, you will need to have a solid burner for this sort of fuel, but these can be found everywhere when you look hard enough. Most people will find that keeping it traditional will work, having a modern alternative on hand can be a great idea.

Striking A Balance

Like any part of the home, maintaining your fireplace is more than a simple matter of cleaning the outside once a week. Along with this, the chimney will need to be cleaned, the fireplace scrubbed, and all of the ash and sut will have to go somewhere. Handling these jobs as often as you can will result in a higher-quality fireplace. To help you out with this, there are loads of professionals out there with the skills to make a huge difference in this area, and you only need to read a couple of reviews to find the very best for you.


Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be left feeling inspired to clear out the old fireplace and get the fire going. While radiators and air conditioning systems are incredibly effective, they lack the old charm which these traditional methods have on offer. This will be a great benefit to a lot of people, making it hard to ignore the options from the past.

Keep Warm my lovelies xx


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  1. Robert F. Crocker
    30th August 2018 / 12:03 pm

    Love what you're doing here guys, keep it up!..corner fireplaces

  2. krishna
    1st March 2018 / 7:05 pm

    All the fireplaces are beautiful.. as we live in California, due to dry weather (may be, i don't know the actual reason,) wood burning in the fireplace in illegal. I have fireplace, but could never lit it up. Though I don't know it is always illegal or only during very dry spell. we never try to lit it. But I love fireplace.. 🙂

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