Were you hit by Photobuckets Fail!

Lucille Ball feeling sad about photobucket

Were you hit by this ugly label on your blog during the summer?

Yes what a blooming problem this has been and what an ugly piece of kit to be on your blog!

You probably know what caused it…Photobucket decided to be greedy and wanted everyone that used their hosting to pay for it!  And a pretty penny it was too! Something like £350 for the year!

photobucket fail joke

I had to change some of the letters in this picture! lol!

I had hosted some of my blog graphics in photobucket…I don’t really know why as you can host pictures quite easily on your blog yourself using the picture uploader (or please read this post)…but I thought it would be quicker to have my signature and pretty copyright label in every post, so I added all the html into the post template section in settings along with the photobucket links GRRR!

I just never thought that it would be a problem and neither did millions of other users!

So as you can imagine – I just have not got that kind of money spare, so I have been painstakingly removing this ugly piece of SH*T …

…off of my blog over the last few months… I suppose it is a good thing in a way!  Because I am doing my own SEO in the process! Correcting all my broken links and adding ‘properties to my pictures to make them recognised on Google…but Oh Oh Oh what a long process this is!..

So please bare with me…especially if you venture into my Archives and see that ugly blot on the landscape! Just send some bad vibes to photobucket for me 🙂

Also If you have been affected by this and have had a blog design by me in the past…I can fix it for you…not anything in each post…you will have to do that like I am! But anything on your main page!

Do please join in with the conversation!

By for now my Lovelies…


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