It’s My Blog’s 10th Birthday! Let’s Look Back!

happy loves rosie is 10 years old

It’s My Blog’s 10th Birthday! Let’s Look Back!

I have got to mention something which happened earlier in the year and that is!…it was my blogs birthday!!  Yes Happy Loves Rosie was 10 years old in June! see first post Here. I had always meant to celebrate it…but what with all the busy days I have had this year I just didn’t get ‘a round to it’!…HaHaHa…remember these things…My Nan had one of those!

a round tuit

It was fitting for me to have a memorable birthday this year as so much has happened…at the start of the year we had our new house renovated with a lift to access upstairs for Freddy and a wet room fitted…

happy house mess

The house was a total mess for a couple of weeks and Freddy had to sleep in the middle of the living room…The builders came on the wrong day…a little earlier than planned, so they moved everything over to the other side of the room for me…but anything that we wanted over there had to be left there lol! as there was no way we could get to it!

my freddy at herne bay


I moved my mum over to Kent from Essex (she lives just around the corner now)…I can’t really take the credit for packing her things up as we got the removal men to do that, but the unpacking and finding a new place for everything was my job and it went on and on! Its funny as when we need something we always think of where it was in her old home (she did live there for 50 years!) and can’t seem to remember where it is in her new one lol! but gradually we trace it back to where it is now in its new place…

mum and me at dobbies garden center


So as you can imagine that took a good few months to sort everything out and now a lot of my time is divided between visiting and going out with Mum (which is brilliant) and doing things with Freddy (which is also brilliant)…

I have also completely renovated my garden…given it a total makeover all on my own! I so love going out there and digging around…apparently it is a good way of relieving stress…it sure does help me! (part 3 coming up soon) part 1 and 2 Here and Here.

garden patio make over


I have also maintained Mums garden, she has a large hedge around the front of her property and we hired a man to do that! but I have also painted all of her fences white and her little garden house blue…I am sooo envious of her garden house…I have got to get myself one of those, as I so miss our little Holivan!

mums new garden


cuprinol blue garden house


I have since given the garden house another couple of coats of a deeper blue (still pale) but I mixed some cheap ronseal ‘cornflower blue’ with some cuprinol ‘white daisy’ and the colour looks lovely…I roughly mixed half and half.  Then I painted all the fence panels in ‘white daisy’ they look lovely and all the greenery looks amazing next to it. (I will take some more pictures soon to show you! I cleared up all that paint that is smudged on those cute little windows! just in case you were wondering lol!

Freddies boot sale buys


There have been other shananigans going on, like constantly getting rid of the clutter here…and Freddy going and buying it all back again over the summer months at the Boot Sales and Antique Fairs! It feels like I am in a constant clutter zone!…My Mum keeps advising me to chuck it all out…but that is extremely difficult when you are married to a ‘clutter upper’! I am now the one that wants a clutter free zone, but I don’t think I am ever going to get it!

happy hamptons style

There has been so many other things that has happened this year…I can’t remember them now but it has been a busy one…probably why the year has gone so quick! So I had better finish! before you all get pins and needles….

It’s been a good Happy Birthday Year…and now I am in a better routine, I hope to bring you more Happy House shenanigans…Don’t forget to leave a comment…everyone can comment now! Yay!

Bye for now my lovely friends.

PS – sorry about the quality of the pictures…lots have been taken on my handmedown iphone 4 ! 😉

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  1. Valerie
    15th November 2017 / 2:27 pm

    I love hearing about the Happy House shenanigans! Looking forward to more!

  2. vintgal003
    15th November 2017 / 2:18 pm

    *Happy 10th* – that is quite the accomplishment and dedication for that length of time! I truly appreciate you being there for me to visit…thank you…..I have picked up so many pretty tidbits to incorporate into my life….cheers, Valerie 🙂 xo

  3. Anonymous
    15th November 2017 / 11:16 am

    Hey Happy, congrats on 10 years, wow I know I have been reading your blog for many of those years. Do you still have your adorable dog you recently got? It's wonderful you are able to help out your mom often. Have a great week and Happy 10th blogaversery!!

  4. NanaDiana
    14th November 2017 / 6:22 pm

    I love this post, Happy, and am looking forward to visiting you often again. As soon as you are ready with the NoReply post let me know and I will do a little link to you! Thanks for sharing here. I have loved your blog sine the day I found it! xo Diana

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