Garden Glamour : Designing a Space with a Nostalgic Vibe

nostalgic pram planter

Garden Glamour: Designing A Space With A Nostalgic Vibe

Do you feel like you were born at the wrong time? Perhaps you are a gal who wishes she still lived in the swinging sixties or flower power seventies? Personally I love the style of the 1940’s and 50’s…everything about those era’s has a divine gorgeousness to me!

So if this is the case with you too, the chances are, that your home, already has a wonderfully nostalgic vibe to it! but what about your garden? We take a lot of time and make a lot of effort to create homes that reflect our personalities and tastes, but what about our gardens?

happy's garden bike

If you’re someone who loves the past and is into vintage decor and design, then why not find ways to implement these styles into your garden? Believe it or not, transforming your outdoor space into somewhere that has a nostalgic vibe to it is easier than you would think. To give you some inspiration for creating a garden that’s wonderfully nostalgic, below are some tips and ideas.

eclectic garden shelves

Teacup and teapot planters

This is a pretty trend at the moment and it is something that you can make yourself for a few pennies rather than go out and waste money on an already made one!…If you head to your local charity shop or Boot Sale, you should be able to come across some vintage-style teacups and teapots that you can rescue and use as planters….and the fun is in the satisfaction that you have created something for your garden that is unique!

To give your garden a wonderfully nostalgic vibe, using old-fashioned crockery as planters can work well. The prettier the teacups and teapots are, the better. Just make sure that you put them somewhere where they won’t get knocked over and smashed.

an old enamel saucepan planter

Also another alternative is to make a bird feeder…I am sure you have seen these in the shops lately?  They retail around £15.00 but so easy to make by sticking the cup on its side to the saucer and then hanging by the handle a piece of chain or string…and voila, you have made your own!


One thing that a nostalgic space cannot be without is bunting. A lot of people presume that bunting is an indoor piece of decor, but actually, that’s not the case. Bunting was traditionally an outdoor form of decor and was used to line the streets to celebrate different events, like street parties for instance. Of course, outdoor bunting is normally waterproof, unlike the material bunting that most of us use today. So if you are going to get bunting for your garden, make sure it’s waterproof, otherwise it may not last a shower…and you know what the British weather is like!

A vintage garden

Doll up your Decking or Patio

If your garden has decking (or a patio) in it, you can easily doll this up with a few well thought out accessories. First things first, ensure that any pot plants are in pretty planters, these could be old metal planters, an old vintage-style bike that’s been planted up, or even the teacup planters mentioned above. You could also opt to add some decking lights to brighten up your garden and create a cosy atmosphere. Another option is the use of solar fairy lights or LED candles; these can help to create a wonderfully relaxing and tranquil vibe. A great way to style these is to place them in jam jars, creating a warm glow and a wonderfully nostalgic vibe – have a look on Pinterest for inspiration.

hand craft your own nostalgic garden

Nostalgic seating

Last but not least, don’t forget about your garden’s seating. If you are going to incorporate seating into your garden, which is important if you plan on using the space to socialise with friends and family, opt for nostalgic seating. The best seating designs are ones made of metal and that are designed to mimic the beautiful furniture sets used in the 50s and 60s. So keep an eye out for these…

pretty metal garden furniture

I bought mine from a number of second hand shops and salvage yards…I just decided to go out one day last year in the Spring and hunted all around my local haunts and managed to come back with this mismatched metal set…! (above)

vintage garden props

And there you have it! a simple guide to creating a garden with a wonderfully vintage eclectic vibe…!

All pictures apart from the vintage teacup planters are my own and have been taken in my garden…I hope they have given you plenty of inspiration…

Have fun and come back and let me know what you have created…

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